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Is it Really Only One Year?


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Is it Really Only One Year?

The date 23rd December seems to be quite some date for Villa fans. This year, we will see Ron Saunders attend his first game at Villa Park since his Small Heath side lost there, and last year the date marked the first move in a long and drawn out takeover process.

Yes folks, it really is one year to the day since an announcement was made by ‘lifelong’ Villa fan, Michael Neville, that his bid for Aston Villa, backed by the owners of building firm Comer Homes was in due diligence stage and that a takeover should be finished within “a matter of daysâ€.

Happy Christmas everyone, 2005.

Trouble is, that bid never came. We never really did find out what happened. Either the Comer brothers backed out after seeing Villa’s accounts, or Neville didn’t know the complexities involved in such a takeover, perhaps. I don’t know – anything could have happened – but what ever did meant that Neville’s bid took considerably longer than had been expected – but did eventually go in.

Naturally, some people were sceptical. We’d seen it all before after the Cisneros story, and Ray Ranson’s rejected bid for the club. However, most of the reactions saw rather a lot of joy, including this rather fun verse written by Allan Monro:

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we've been waiting so

Let Him Go! Let Him Go! Let Him Go!

It really showed signs of stopping

But the Comers are still shopping

The fans were feeling way down low

Let Him Go! Let Him Go! Let Him Go!

When he finally says goodbye

How I'll love going out in my shirt

But if you'll really hold me tight

At last we'll be rid of that sh*te

The ellis years, slowly dying

And, my dear, we're still goodbying

But as long as I'm a Villan

Let Him Go! Let Him Go! Let Him Go!

It was the beginning of a long, long rollercoaster ride which eventually saw Randy Lerner take control of the club. It may have been a long ride, but let’s face it – it was well worth it.

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