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Getting our voice heard ... Removal of McLeish


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Mods, if this should fall under the McLeish thread, apologies. I feel the need for a constructive thread on how we, as fans, can get our voice heard, in a peaceful manner, to remove McLeish as our manager.

Like many fans, from day 1, McLeish to me was the worst appointment possible. It never, ever, should have happened. This is for two reasons which have been regurgitated on many occasions:

1) He was blues manager

2) He is an uninspiring, poor manager.

Now I, for one, have nothing against McLeish as a person, however he should never have been nor should he continue to be, the manager of Aston Villa.

I have seen the various posts and websites concerning the McLeish out day. Now, if we were safe. I would be fully behind this, however given our current situation, we need to get behind the team to stay up. Negative atmosphere and thoughts need to be put to one side for now. We have to help the team any way we can.

I too agree that Randy will listen to record low season ticket sales. However, a big issue is once people stop going, it becomes very difficult to begin attending games again once you get out of the routine.

Therefore, what do you propose we do to get Randy to listen to us. I can handle relegation, I really can, and if it happened under Houllier or Martinez, I would be behind the club still. However, I cannot accept our situation under the manager whom everyone said they didn't want.

First thing tomorrow, I will be writing a letter to Paul Faulkner expressing my feelings whilst also sending a heartfelt request to McLeish to do the right thing. I still believe that he is a good man and we have as much chance persuading him to step down as getting the club to admit that they made a mistake.

How do we remove McLeish without hurting our club?

Thoughts please?

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