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Claret & Blue Blood #30


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As Villa embark on the final stretch of their quest for the Champions League, ChrisVillan desperately claws around on the floor for content - resulting in a rather early Halloween terror.

Greetings, Villa fans one and most. It's been a quiet week at Villa Park, what with the international break and all. But it's back down to business this weekend as Villa head to Old Trafford on Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday for what appears to be an inevitable hiding.

Thanks, Fulham

Manchester United 1, Liverpool 4. It was a result that surprised everyone and probably gave Liverpool the confidence so in evidence when they hammered Villa in the following game. It was also a result that made me instantly think "Fulham gonna get it!" - you know, Fulham being United's next opponents. You see, when United get humiliated there's always a backlash and Fulham, having been beaten by them 4-0 at Craven Cottage just two weeks previously, were probably fearing the worst. They promptly disposed of United and blew the title rice wide open.

So, you have to feel sorry for United's next opponents after two embarrassing defeats, right? Bugger.

Villa on duty

It's been a funny old week for Villa players in the England squad. My opinion doesn't seem to match anyone else's, but for what it's worth I thought Gareth Barry was good on Saturday against Slovakia and almost anonymous against Ukraine in midweek. He played in midfield with both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, and it seemed to work reasonably well, particularly in its interaction with Wayne Rooney who played a very flexible role behind a striker.

That striker, initially, was Emile Heskey. He bagged a very early goal at Wembley against Slovakia and in doing so picked up an injury which will see him sidelined for a fortnight. In a strange twist of fate (NOT irony), two former Villa strikers were to follow in his footsteps. Can't Control stepped in to replace Rollerskates and did sod all before departing injured as well. Next up, another ex-Villan came and went, Peter Crouch feeling the studs of Martin Skrtel as the pair went up for a header against one another.

Tottingham striker Darren Bent briefly came out of retirement to join the squad for five minutes and - guess what - got injured. All this led to a surprise call up for Gabriel Agbonlahor, though Crouch's recovery prevented Capello getting any use out of him.

Chelsea sniffing round Young

The problem with having good players is that the supposed big boys will try to use their financial might to pry them away. We spent last summer telling Liverpool to sod off because they weren't having Gareth Barry, regardless of the player's wishes. You know, because he signed the kind of contract that was worth celebrating by buying a brand new Aston Martin.

The latest rumour centres on Ashley Young, apparently a target for Chelsea. All makes sense so far, and seems logical. But get this - the quoted fee is £20m! I know, lolololols, as the pikey kids say. With Randy Lerner and Martin O'Neill in charge, we can rest assured that nobody will be leaving without Villa being compensated very handsomely. Young hasn't made any noises about leaving, but if he does get tempted he knows it won't be easy.

And it certainly won't be for such a pathetic fee when we're selling to a team just two places away from us in the Premier League.

More horrors on Google Street View

Since Google Street View went live in the UK the battle between privacy and services has really ramped up, but we've been treated to flashers, people photographing the photographer and Edwin Van Der Sar's face not being recognised as a face. But there's a darker side too, and there emerged today a sight even more disgusting, even more embarrassing to the country and an even lower representation of humanity than the shot of a drunk posh bloke vomming in the street.

Click to view...if you dare!

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