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Kids Football - Living vicariously through your children


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Sorry if this thread already exists but couldn't fine one with the very cursory search conducted.


Do any posters have any stories of their child(ren) playing football? the fun, the goals, the fights whatever.


I have to admit my weekends were usually pretty full up with taking my two sons to their football clubs, either for training or matches, all of which has come to halt as a result of CoVid, and I've come to realise that I miss it quite terribly. Do any any parents have any anecdotes to share? For context, I have two boys, 10 & 7, the eldest is a goalkeeper, I think because he's a lazy clearing in the woods and refuses to run, and if I'm being very honest is hopeless. The youngest shows a lot of promises as an under7 player, either striker or goalkeeper, and plays for very good team.


The story I'll relay is the time the Arsenal scout spoke to me and my youngest and asked if he'd like to come and train with Arsenal. My son, who's a Spurs fan (yes, I'm aware of the parenting fail, but it is at least it's his closest team) replied back "I'd rather die than play for Arsenal", and there went, in a puff of smoke, all of my footballing dreams.

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