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Pattern Recognition - Manchester United Away Report


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Season finished for me in January when the club made it quite clear that we were not going to invest in the team, and that we were going to soldier on with the same average players and promising youngsters as we always have like when deadly Doug was in charge. We have been fed the usual broken promises had our hopes lifted and then dropped like a brick when realisation kicks in that we are still the middle of the table average team.

Lets face it, i have got to the stage where i take everything with a pinch of salt thats coming out of the club now, my attitude im afraid to say is ( whatever). Even today the papers are telling us that Randy is going to bank roll a spending spree in the summer ( yeh of course he is ). and then you get MON saying that he is not going to spend more money than a players worth? wake up and smell the coffee before its too late. You will have to Martin as the other clubs know we have the money now.


Why did the CEO who was doing a great job suddenly resign?

Why did the club not manage to sort out a work permit for the usa keeper?

why didnt MON get a right back even on loan in the last 12 months?

Why is Petrov so crap because when he was at Celtic he was superb?

Why doesnt Mahoney get picked instead of coming on as sub?

Why did we get rid of Moore?

Why did we get rid of Cahill?

Can anyone tell me why we cant play at home anymore?

very frustrated and disillusioned Villa Fan

Whatever !


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