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  1. Hey guys we have changed the promo offer to make it even better! You can trial it for 10 days absolutely free!! visit this link: http://profitsquad.co.uk/promo-trial/?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=5_promo_trial&utm_source=Villa&utm_content=CHFOSO
  2. Do let us know if you have any questions at all! The forum really is buzzing at the moment! So glad to see so many people making lots of money and bragging about it haha!
  3. Nice work Rob! Great start! as your bank grows as well you will only see your profits grow too!!
  4. Hi Guys, We have now made an automated system for anyone who wants to use the £5 trial for 30 days!! Just click the link below and you will be added instantly and sent your details via email! (Check Junk mail as it sometimes ends up there!) Do let me know how you get on and feel free to contact us at any point with any questions! support@profitsquad.co.uk £5 Link: http://www.profitsquad.co.uk/members/?page_id=9315 Thanks Joe Hawes
  5. Basically the 95.91 is the rating, meaning if you done a normal stake returned bet you would get back 95.91% of your stake. So higher the rating the smaller the initial loss will be. The 1X2 is the market for that event. 1X2 in football terms means home draw away, which is the win draw win market. Hope that makes sense
  6. Dont forget guys if any off you do have any questions please feel free to email us at support@profitsquad.co.uk Also make sure you join the Facebook forum a lot of offers and members helping each other there!
  7. There always has been, however its loophole in some of the sites that by spending all the money in one go as we say on the site it cancels out the wagering and there fore you do not need to do it, which is why you have spend your money quick before you win any money from the tickets you buy! Some of the dragon fish sites have caught on and stopped it which is why there are other dragon fish sites not on our list
  8. Thanks Morley, I will check this one out tonight and add it to the list!
  9. Have you checked out the Dutching yet? Also got over 20 ACCA offers you can do everyday if you wanted to. The accas are advanced so i would take your time with them and make sure you understand all the training first as well On top of that this sunday you can make a guaranteed £30 easily with Bet 365 and also Bet365 are giving everyone 25% deposit match up to £100! So theres plenty of stuff to get stuck in with I have not opened a new bookie in ages and i'm never stuck for things to do
  10. Looks like it at first glance but without reading the terms fully i wouldnt know 100%, check the terms to see if it says anything about only participating in one offer or something?
  11. I would try, at the very worst case you should be entitled to your deposit back, its a genuine mistake after all. What have they said to you at this point? But yeah I would keep a record of what bookies you open up from now on so you know for future reference
  12. Yeah I can not actually remember the last time I used them to be honest! lol
  13. You sure? All you got to do is email me your paypal email Either way, if you have an y questions with anything just let me know!
  14. Hi Mate, As its all set up already, the only thing I can do is refund you £10 of the £15 you have already paid? That way you would have paid the same as everyone else the only thing that will mean is if you decide you do not want to carry on after the first month you will have to cancel the membership as it will auto renew as you signed up for the membership. (Just becuase of the way PayPal and the account system is linked). Hope thats ok. If you can just email me your PayPal email address to i can confirm everything that would be great! joe@profitsquad.co.uk Cheers
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