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  1. Hey, so yeah your right there, if you ask for a lower odds when laying you have to wait for a backer to take those odds, but we only advise you take the current odds only because if they dont take the odds you request, the odds could move in the other direction and leave you in a bit of a pickle! There is a training video in the training section about the exchange, have you seen it?
  2. Hey, So you have to have a UK bank account and a uk address with proof of address incase bookies as for it. You dont need to live in the UK technically, one of the guys that works for us actually lives in Prague! But you will need a uk address and bank account etc!
  3. It's £25 on Casumo, by 'original instructions' I think you may be referring to the original loophole that was active on a dozen different sites, one of which was BGO and several others that were £100 deposits. Those are all closed now
  4. We have a very busy day today of Horse Racing! Saturdays tend to be the best money making days! I hope you are all at your computers today making the cash dont forget any questions feel free to ask!
  5. By the way in case anyone here who joined us previously and may have got out of the habit of using our service - there is a Monopoly loophole that was posted in the old facebook group that is still active. Some members made several £hundred from a £25 deposit. We've also made a lot of improvements to our EW Dutching strategy/spreadsheet with lots of new ways to extra even more value from those races. Check screenshot for some recent example of the results we're getting, which you can do even if you've been gubbed from promos because you don't need to use any free bets or bonuses to do these
  6. I would speak more about time than the amount of bets to be honest as the amount of bets will vary depending on the offers, you can place one bet with some offers and make £50 offers could only make you £5. So having said that if you only wanted to do a couple hours or so a week you should easily be able to make £150 a week or more and im sure a lot of the experienced villa talk members on profit squad will agree To some extent yes but its capped really for instance if you had £50,000 you would probably not make much more than if you had £10,000 but yet you would make a lot more than someone that only had £200. I know its not amazingly clear but hope that helps?
  7. Hi villarocker, Yes you can use the site/service on mobile & tablet. The site and software are all mobile friendly, though I would say that it can be a little FASTER to place the bets on a desktop/laptop. You will probably find though after using the service for 1-2 months you will either be happy making a reasonable amount in the time you have, or you will (like many do) get a taste for quick & easy cash and really start getting into it, in which case you can easily re-invest a small amount of your profit for a cheap laptop/chromebook if you think it will aid you in making more money more quickly. The time you have stated is fine, and looks like you are covering a good portion of the most profitable times of the week! I would say you can easily expect to make £500/month with just a few hours/week during those times. From there as I said, if you get a taste for it, you can boost those returns even further if you're able to find some extra time. Personally I let my wife do all the slot offers we post (it's not just sports bets) as she likes to do those especially when they are risk-free! Means I can focus on Sports and we're both having fun making money together. The "risk-free" nature of this varies between offers. Some literally don't require you to make a deposit, but the majority works on the principle of placing 2 bets. The first bet like normal means you are risking your stake (Eg. you place a £10 bet and can lose that £10) then you place a 2nd bet on a betting exchange (imagine eBay for betting where you swap bets with other people, not a bookie) the 2nd bet is placed on the exact opposite. So imagine a tennis match, you back 1 player and then back the 2nd player. On the face of it, that makes no sense at all!... But when you start to factor in the free bets & bonuses and the strategies we employ, it all becomes very clear very quickly. For instance, if every 2 bets you place, 1 of those bets is not your money, the profits soon start to add up very nicely! If you sign up on our promo link, and set aside a few minutes to have a look through the site, in the first video you see us making ~£15 in 5 minutes, you can then do your first bet and make the same money, putting you in a £10 profit the same day you sign up. A lot of people joined when we ran an ad here around 6 months ago, and many made very good 3 or 4 figure profits even though they were limited on time. So honestly, the best advice I can give is to give us a try and trust that we'll give you your money back if what we're saying isn't true. If you're not significantly better off by the end of your first month, we don't want your money. It's there for the taking, and we'll help you take it. That's our job all we ask is you report back here with your honest opinions once you've started using the service. Any more questions let me know! - Ben
  8. Excellent work guys! Glad you are enjoying the service and thanks for your recommendation. The natural reaction when reading things like this is it "sounds too good to be true" but we're not promising a get rich quick scheme, you have to be prepared to put in a little bit of time and effort (though you can still make a profit on our fees with just 30 minutes/month!) the more time you put in the more you will make, would you agree?
  9. Profit Squad: Make Money From Matched Betting, Accumulators, Racing & More! Hello VillaTalk! We’re back! A big thank you to everyone who tried our service during the last promotion, you can read the thread here. We are now back with an even-better promotion. Keep reading for details! If you know anything about betting, you know it's difficult to grind a long-term profit unless you have a crystal ball that works. That is, unless you are using "matched betting" to your advantage. We at Profit Squad have teamed up with Villa Talk (again) to allow you all a taste of the biggest money-making loophole the UK has seen for quite some time. It's legal, risk-free and tens of thousands of people are already doing it. If you've not heard of 'matched betting' before, or you've not heard of Profit Squad before, we are about to lay it all out on the line, and challenge you to give us a try and report back here with your honest opinions. WHAT IS MATCHED BETTING? Matched betting is basically the art of playing the bookies off against each other, cashing-in free bets and bonuses to generate steady 1-way profits without risking your own money. Sounds too good to be true right? Yet thousands of people are already doing it, and the bookies can't do anything about it! [Find out more] WHAT CAN PROFIT SQUAD DO FOR YOU? Profit Squad is a 1-stop shop for making huge profits in your spare time. We give you all the video tutorials you need to learn the ropes, all the software you need to find the most profitable bets, and all the support & information you need provided throughout the day, 365 days a year. What's more, you'll never be on your own, because Profit Squad will become your personal betting assistant. Unlike any other service, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand 7 days a week to assist you in making guaranteed profit. Everybody is different so we listen to your circumstances, and then give you 1-2-1 advice for how to make the maximum possible profit, for YOU. [Find out more] 100% UNIQUE STRATEGIES Some people like to think they've "seen it all before" but we guarantee you won't find some of the strategies we post at Profit Squad anywhere else. Take our dutching strategy for example - using a strategy we developed in house, our members have been able to make over £2,000 in 1 month without even using free bets or bonuses, and 100% risk free! And this is just 1 of many strategies. Those who want to get stuck in to everything we have to offer can make some seriously good cash – and there’s no better time of the year than now! Get your Xmas paid for and start 2017 with a bang. WHAT'S THE COST? You can get started today for just £1 with our standard 14-day all-access trial, as found on our homepage. You can earn well over £100 during this time and our regular pricing is also extremely good value, as it pays for itself usually within 1 day - we're currently one of the most affordable services available, and we believe also offering by far the best support service. SPECIAL OFFER FOR VILLA TALK MEMBERS ONLY! If you sign up through the link below, not only will your first full month cost you a measly £5 (which can be earned back from your very first bet!) but we'll also give you a PERMANENT LIFETIME discount on our Quarterly membership. Costing under £10/month. To say our membership pays for itself is an understatement. Our average member who has been with us for over 3 months earn between £700-£1,500/month so you get full access to our video training, unlimited support, oddsmatcher and daily offer service all paid for with around 1% of your profits. If you want to take us up on this offer then all you have to do is visit this link: CLICK HERE FOR OUR SPECIAL OFFER WE'LL ALSO GIVE EVERY MEMBER WHO SIGNS UP FOR THE SPECIAL OFFER A £5 FREE BET ON ANYTHING YOU LIKE, JUST FOR LEAVING AN HONEST REVIEW HERE! (So that is effectively a free 30 day membership!) WANT TO KNOW MORE? Profit Squad Home Page - http://www.profitsquad.co.uk Independent Review - http://moneymakersreviewed.co.uk/reviews/profit-squad-review-offer/ Our previous sponsored post, with 19 pages of comments & feedback: https://www.villatalk.com/topic/15052-matched-betting-with-profit-squad-make-risk-free-money-at-home/
  10. Great! Also EPIC WIN ALERT! Congrats to Kevin, another big winner on our loophole we posted last year, that still works!
  11. Sorry - here's the £5 Link: http://www.profitsquad.co.uk/members/?page_id=9315
  12. Please proceed to sign up via the homepage or the link in the OP for the 30 day membership Dutching is when you bet on all outcomes of an event. So when we notify you of a race that is profitable you will then have to bet on all of them. There's usually 5-9 horses but if you follow our advice it should only take 10 minutes to do. And the average race has an EV of around £30 so that would mean if you did 6 of these you may have spent a total of 1 hour and made on average £180 profit...! Not to be sniffed at! We had a member post a September review of how she made over £4k and she said that 2.2k of that was from dutching. It's a great way to make money especially after you have run out of new account offers
  13. Lots of questions, so i've numbered them: 1) It does yes, but that's not the main source of income. Running through all the new account offers is something everyone starts with to show them the basics and also to build up a £1000+ pot so that when they transition to the other stuff (see 3 below) they have a nice big bank to get started with, and already have some valuable experience. 2) No not at all. If you do decide to do it for the long term, eg. if you made £300 and realised how easy it is, and how you'd like to keep doing this - then we recommend you use a 2nd bank account to keep everything away from your normal spending. This is just in case you are applying for a mortgage or something in the future that someone may need to see your bank statements for, and may not like seeing bookmakers! But it's also nice just to keep it all separate anyways, and watch your money grow instead of spending it. 3) Once you finish the new customer offers as mentioned above, you move on to the long term profit offers which we post in a helpful calendar format, so for every day of the year you can see a nice big list of all the offers you can do that day. There's always loads to do! 4) Yes we find the offers, tell you exactly what you need to do to create a guaranteed profit, then our oddsmatcher tool will find the most profitable selections to place your bets on. It's all web based so you can use the service on any device 5) Firstly it's not £50, you can start with just £1 for your first 14 days on our homepage or you can go for 30 days trial for £5. From there, our best value membership is the Annual which works out at £7.50/month - you can usually make this back with 1 offer, so even if you only had 30 minutes a month you can still make a profit using our service that is more than our fees. This is all we 'get out of it' we provide all the training, the offers, and hold your hand as much as you need throughout your membership - working to help you make money. So our membership fees are very affordable considering the boost in your income you can expect from using us. The advanced list has some bigger new account offers, but you need more money to do them, so we list them in a good order so that by the time you reach the big earners you have built up enough money from the smaller ones, to be able to do them. From there you want to be checking the calendar any time you have 10 minutes spare. We post plenty of offers most of them you can do in the day or evening. Don't forget it's just as much about quantity as it is quality. Someone making £50 in 30 minutes on 1 offer is worth the same as someone making £50 in 30 minutes from 5 smaller offers. The people who make the big bucks on our site would do as many of the offers as possible each day even if they only have an EV of £2 or so, and soon enough they see that this results in far more profit than they thought. Even making £20 per day is £600/month more than not doing any of the daily offers. So once this mentality sinks in and they've been doing all the offers they can for 1-2 months they will have amassed a couple of thousand in profit and then be doing things like the Dutching which can be any day of the week, or accumulators and other such earners. The average accumulator can make you £5 profit even if you have losing legs in your acca, so doing 2 of those at 10 different bookies can be another £100 profit. Do that once per week and there's another £430/month!
  14. I don't think 3-to-1 is really necessary, that would be giving back a decent chunk of your profits for little reason. I do more like 1:2 or generally if i've had a good week and made £500 I will resign around 5% of it towards mug bets, so i'll do some accas and big stake low odds bets etc. Yes of course - please feel free to use the signup links in the OP
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