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Charity mountain climb


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Hi guys,


I'm helping arrange a mountain climb in aid of charity, basically, this man will climb Mount Snowdon 7 times in 7 days - and money raised will go towards paying for rolling water barrels to be sent to the developing world.


(I'm off to Kenya soon, to help with a report on how far people walk to access drinking water).


But to explain, we give the barrels to those who usually carry water in dirty containers on their head/back and do so as toddlers, all the way up to adults. Our barrels save work and actually hold more water than the containers they usually carry (and are cleaner).


So, I am wondering if my fellow Villa fans can help support this fantastic challenge by donating?

The infostuff is here: http://www.justgiving.com/Gary-Marshall6


Text donate is GMMM52 (£) to 70070


Please thank you :)


The charity address is; 3 Manners View, Newport, Isle of Wight. Registered UK Charity number: 1147062.

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