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Villa Park Pilgrimage summer 2022- no tours


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Hello,  we are traveling to Bewdley from the USA for a family reunion 6/24-6/28. One of the highlights being of course a tour of Villa Park. My wife and I did it with my Dad a decade ago and it still gives me goosebumps. I was hoping to go with my Dad and now my kids who are 5th generation Villa fans. I’ve been telling them about coming out of the tunnel and all the other great things on the tour.

I just found out the reason I couldn’t book the tour earlier in the year was all tours are canceled due to construction and maintenance this summer. I wrote a pretty heartfelt email to the club which they promptly and politely told me sorry but trip advisor has many recommendations of other things to do in the West Midlands ( I was secretly hoping for a VIP tour led by Tyrone Mings but hey you can dream) 🤣

Anyone have any recommendations of other Villa things to do other then stand at the gates and go to the club shop? I believe the BMH tours got eliminated a few years ago.

Any help is much appreciated. We have the giant list of other sites, best Balti (though feel free to give some other ones). Super gutted right now as I think this will be my Dad's last trip and was hoping for him to go around VP and share stories like the first game after WWII etc with the grandkids.

thanks a ton!

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