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Ratings and Reactions: Arsenal 1-3 Villa


Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Baker
    • Vlaar
    • Luna
    • Lowton
    • El Amadi
    • Westwood
    • Delph
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor
    • Benteke
    • Clark (for Baker 17)

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How can Shearer say it was a yellow card as he was going away from goal? Gabby knocks the ball past him with his pace he is 100% tapping that ball into an empty net. Stone wall red card. 


that's what I thought, obviously you can only score if you are running in a straight line towards the goal, knocking it side ways round the keeper so you are facing an open goal from 6 yards out cant be a goalscoring chance...

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Motd failing to show the half a dozen yellow cards arsenal should of had, wilshere spent the game running into our players then going down for a foul. Rosicky could have been booked twice in the first five minutes. Vlaar lucky to escape a second yellow because his "challenge" was the same as koscielnys second yellow, **** me vlaar was stood still and rosicky dived over him. Awful awful **** god damn **** awful punditry from BBC again.

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Agree that the coverage seemed to focus on how Arsenal "looked awful" and had a depleted squad.

Lets not forgot this is the same Arsenal side that went on a very good run at the end of last season. A team with Giroud, Wilshere, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain is always going to be difficult to beat

Really chuffed with the win and looking forward to the rest of the campaign.

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On the first penalty, I think the Arsenal players were complaining that since Weimann had had a shot the ball couldn't be called back from the advantage.

Even if that was true, he'd still have had to send the keeper off.

Yes, the ref was perfect for that call. He played some advantage but brought it back for the penalty. It was not a red card because it didn't deny a goal scoring opportunity. Wiemann still had a shot but there was no advantage from his wide shot so he bought it back for a penalty and issued a yellow. Good refereeing.


Actually the referee should only caution the offending player if advantage is played and a goal is scored directly. In this case the keeper should have been sent off as he denied an obvious goal scoring opportunity. Mute point really as we won :)

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Guzan - 7.5 - some great saves but some terrible distribution. Gave the ball away far too many times with poor goal kicks. 

Lowton - 6 - OK

Vlaar - 5 - I thought he was going to get sent off TBH. At fault for the arsenal goal and dove in way too much.

Baker - not on for long enough but ran aimlessly to the near post for the arsenal goal, Space doesn't score goals, players do. Mark up!

Luna - defending 3 attacking 9  overall 6 - Poor at the back, looked great going forward. Took his goal well

Westwood - 6 - decent.

Delph - 7 - Did alot of good work and made some lovely runs. His passing was terrible though. Missed far too many simple long passes. Really needs to improve this side of his game.

El Ahmadi - 8 - Looked good and much improved from last season..

Weimann - 7 - Made some great runs that weren't picked out due to poor midfield passing. Busy as always.

Agbonlahor - 10 - MOTM, Best I have seen him play for AGES. Chased every ball, made some great runs won two penalties. It was just a shame he didn't get a goal that his play deserved.

Benteke - 7 - Put in a very benteke-esque perform. At times looked like he couldn't be arsed, at times harried and hassled the opposition and at times looked like a world beater.

Clark - 7 - Better than normal for him and didn't make any howlers. 

Bacuna - Not rated.


Overall: Great win but some of the passing was brutal. The front three look very dangerous especially on the break but we badly need a midfielder who can pick those runs out rather than misplacing passes. Shaky at the back and we look like we'll concede alot of goals again this season. Our energy was brilliant and we showed that on our day we'll be a match for anyone. Its only one game but I would be confident that we'll be clear of the relegation fight this season. 

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WOW, great game to begin the season with, well done to the whole squad!!


No matter what the media say or Wenger the ref got it right, for the 1st time in my memory a ref didn't bow to one of the Sky teams. Both were penalties and he was correct in the sending off, the only mistake he made was not to send the keeper off for the 1st penalty.


Gabby, KEA, Guzan and Delph were the stand outs for me but a big pat on the back should also go to Clark who was by far our best defender.


Tony Moon did very well, not just his goal which was fantastic but making his debut against Wallcott was never going to be easy and I thought he handled it well.


We go again!

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I've been smiling all day today...what a great start to the season. I hope Mourinho is bricking it right now, regretting having moved the match up to Wednesday. Villa aren't a soft touch anymore.


Imagine if we beat Chelsea?



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Okay so I just watched the second penalty on match of the day here in America after reading a really good point fro Lambert about why it actually is a pk and he's right. If you look at it closely, Aghbonlahor was actually the one who got the ball, Koscielny just brushed it, but Agbonlahor got most of his boot to it and that's why the ball went toward the goal line and not the corner. So the referee was actually correct, and it was a penalty. So a deserved result. Even awesomer. 

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