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The Battle Of The Beards!


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Olof as he had the beard of a viking and always scratched it in interviews. :)


Also, Yorke didn't score two goals against leeds in the final. Savo, Yorke and Taylor, it was. ;) *




*Couldn't help to teach someone who'd seen more Villa games before I was born than I have in my entire life. :D


Take a bow Pelle  Take a bow - I deliberately put that in to see if anyone would pick up on it & not much get's past you. Tayls goal was pure magic & I think he said himself that he only enjoyed his debut goal in front of the Holte End against Chelsea in December 1994 more.


One interesting fact that you may/may not know about Ian Taylor is that he also played for the City Of Birmingham's 3rd team.


To confirm that order it runs as follows:


1 Aston Villa

2 Aston Villa Reserves

3 Moor Green ;)



I should've known that you hadn't missed that. :P Back to normal, then. :D

No, as the only football club from Birmingham I've heard of is us... ;)

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But it's not just about the beard.


It's about everything the beard stands for. Passion, aggression, toughness, handsomeness.

That's where people like Cuellar fall down.


And for me, you can't look past Olof.


Luna has the potential to be great. But it remains to be seen. He'll need to do a lot to beat this:











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Haha, laughing hard at this thread!


Actually met Olof in Sweden a few years back, we had a nice little chat about Villa and everything was cool. However, after walking away I suddenly realized that my beard had crawled back into my skin after being stared down by his. It's still hard to make it come back out :(

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