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The complete and utter chants thread

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Saw on H & V that someone had taken their lad to see Villa and he had starting singing (to the tune of Pussycat Dolls):-

"Dontcha wish your striker was Ben-t-eke"

Surely that's got to be better than "oooh Christian Benteke" which EVERY team sings about one of their players?

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They're going bust,

they're going down,

going bustttt,

going downnnnn,


Blues are going bust and they're going **** down!

They're goin **** down,

They're goin **** down,


It's a variation on the one we had for them a few seasons back of 'they're going up, they're going down, 'going upppp, going downnnn'. When rows of us used to do the arm movements to boot at away games was brilliant.

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Because maybe

You're going to be the one that saves me

and After all




Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Lowton

Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashely Ashely Ashley Westwood


to the KOLO YAYA toure song (not as good as the first this one) 

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