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Villa's Newest Fan


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i cant find anything but my gran told me that a royal spokesperson on some daytime tv show got asked what the 1st gift they received was and he replied the villa shirt with hrh 1 on the back


not sure if true buts its bloody impressive if the club actually got one through as a gift, can imagine they've had stuff from everywhere


Would it be too much if the club sent a shirt with GEORGE on it?!

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Cameron is a villa fan when asked he says he is a villa fan because of his uncle who used to bring him to villa park. 


I would imagine he does not make a big deal of it because people jump on the "oh he is trying to be a man of the people" you might not like his politics but that does not exclude him from supporting us.


Think he ever comes on here and looks at the political threads :P

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Just click it


Don’t make your boy support Villa, Wills

Sprinter Usain's Royal plea

USAIN Bolt has pleaded with Aston Villa fan Prince William to let son George grow up as a Manchester United supporter.

Red Devils nut Usain said the new royal deserved to follow a trophy-winning team instead of one which struggled to survive in the Premier League last season.

The sprint legend said: “The British Royal Family are great people — and I have been fortunate enough to meet some of them. I want to give all my best to the Prince and Duchess on their first-born.

“I just hope he doesn’t follow in his daddy’s footsteps and become an Aston Villa fan.

“It isn’t fair to put a child through that — especially not a prince.”

Olympic champ Usain — who raced at the weekend’s Anniversary Games in Stratford, East London — added: “When the Prince is old enough I would love to take him to Old Trafford. It is only fair on the little prince he gets to support a winning team.”

Usain, 26, also repeated pleas to be given a trial by United, saying: “I just want a call. If they call me, I’m there.”

He is due to play in defender Rio Ferdinand's testimonial on August 9.

FA president Wills, 31, has been supporting Villa since he was a teenager.

The Birmingham club even marked George’s birth by sending him a team shirt with HRH 1 printed on the back.

Yeah so make him a dirty arm chair manc fan, a syou want Bolt. Hope he doesn't listen to this fool!

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