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Absolute circus Spurs are at the moment no wonder Kane wants to leave.

From a Champions League final with Poch to where they are now.

Probably blame the new stadium but seems more like bad decision after bad decision to me.

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7 minutes ago, Jono62 said:

Gattuso is being touted now.


Sorry if posted elsewhere. 

Gattuso could be a disaster, particularly with Levy. The reason he left Fiorentina was because Mendes effectively wants to use them as a Wolves. All signing through him, huge commissions etc. 

He is also Gattusos agent obviously. 

Good thread here


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1 minute ago, VillaAlex said:

Is Gattuso the Italian equivalent of Tim Sherwood or is that too harsh? I saw he started off ok with Napoli but finished the season poorly which is why he got sacked?

He was sacked a long time before the end of the season it was known he was gone in January, he did a good job at Napoli and the owner undermined him all season and kept trying to replace him with people like Sarri or Spaletti even when winning games

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Greatest explanation ever. Shall borrow that any time I need to explain stuff I know I probably shouldn't have done. 

Why did you have that 5th beer? - just a decision. 

Why did you abandon me at the train station? - just a decision

Why did you pay £Xm pounds to companies to provide PPE only for them to pocket the money but not provide the PPE? - Just a decision. 


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