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Things that piss you off that shouldn't

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I have applied for another job and am quite hopeful about it

I have been to my local pub for the first time in months and seen people I actually like and had a good night

I've nearly cleared one of my credit cards

over the last few weeks I have discovered a new found energy for things I love like my guitar, banjo, keyboard and reading books

I have got a weekend of doing exactly what I want to rather than having to do shit I don't want to just to keep up appearances

I'm having a nice pleasant drink at home

I'm listening to good music

I've just took a crap whilst drinking a large glass of wine


I cant shake the feeling that things are going a little too well and it will all come crashing down any day now, things don't go well for me as a rule and that little list may seem quite pissy and small for some people but its actually a pretty big thing for me to be able to think '**** yeah things are just how I want them' and its been about 2 or 3 years since I felt like there wasn't any massive pressure on me just to survive. Its just shaking that feeling that I don't get an easy ride that is pissing me off.


and when something does go wrong some **** is going to get a serious leemonding

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My brother and to a slightly lesser extent my dad.


My brother is older than me and (fortunately) lives down south, but when he comes to visit he essentially does two things. The first is he belittles me at any opportunity because he is so pathetic that he feels he has to do this to make himself feel better about himself.


The second thing is he has the shortest fuse and the worst logic and reasoning I have ever seen in another person, particularly depressing since I am related to him. He explodes not just over the tiniest things but over things that aren't there. He automatically thinks the worst of me like I my world revolves around making his life a misery. I am not that petty and have better things to do with my time.


His is a classic case of projecting his myriad issues onto me and he has been doing it his entire life.


My dad annoyed me in relation to this because he is almost as stubborn and closed minded as my brother is. He gets so mad and just wants the arguments to stop, but really if he had just made us work out our differences when we we younger, my stupid word removed of a brother probably wouldn't have the reasoning skills of a toddler.


The fact that I can't fight my case incenses me not just because I am a firm believer in both sides airing their grievances as a way of reaching some sort of compromise and an understanding of one another, but because in the case of my brother I think it's the only thing left to try. The alternatives just don't work. 


To be fair he is so backwards in his logic and so childish and stubborn that talking out our problems in a civilised manner wouldn't make the blind bit of difference either. He is truly a lost cause. I just hate how spineless my dad is at times though.


I can't wait to move out and get away from my family, and that makes me sad that I feel this is the only option left.


Sorry, that was a depressing read, wasn't it?

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getting to know someone through email / messenging - and more to the point, when someone replies quickly. I don't want them to. I'd please like a few days in between so I don't feel compelled to write back quickly too. I'm content with taking it slow. Shouldn't piss me off but it does. And too minor for the relationship thread. As frankly I don't want any of that. 

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It doens't piss me off, but the thing that appears on the top right of the TV saying 'press red button' pisses some people off. Well it is a nusiance.

I've mentioned this in this thread a few times.

It REALLY pisses me off.

I don't understand why it has to be there? Everybody knows there is a red button and you can press it.

I can understand it if they're specifically showing something on it. Like if you turn on BBC and the red button is up and says "Snooker". That's fine, its telling you the snooker is on the red button if you're looking for it .

But when its just there, all the time, like on sky sports its just annoying.

And more annoying that you can get rid of it, but it just comes back after about 5 minutes.


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My housemate has gone in a strop because I (light heartedly) took the piss after he asked if Hunger Games was a comedy after my other housemate had explained that it was about "people from different tribes/civilisations trying to kill each other".

He's been sulking in his room for the last two hours and keeps coming down every so often to make some noise in the kitchen. Tit.


Woke up this morning for uni (3 of us are on the same course so we go together), he took ages in the shower because he knew I was waiting and then on the way to the tube station he decided to walk behind us with his headphones in. I had to go to the sorting office to pick up a parcel I missed and instead of coming in with us, he just waited by the entrance whilst me and my other housemate went in.

This pretty much continued whilst we were in lectures too. I asked him a question, he just replied with dunno and then on the train he sat by himself.

Thing is, he's mugged himself off with the other housemate and now he's annoyed. He's blanked him all day when he's nothing to do with it. I guess he's trying to prove a point but he wouldn't have put himself in this situation if he'd just listened to the answer of a question he asked and then followed it up with a ridiculous question.

Quite pathetic really, a complete overreaction to my dry response and now he's made himself look like even more of a tit.

(Apologies for the ton of hims and he's)

just ignore it and act like everything is totally normal.

I had a housemate at uni who did shit like that and we quickly found that if you just ignored his strop he got bored and went back to normal.

Yeah, he's done it a few times so I know it's coming. I expected it to be fine this morning but when we were making bacon sandwiches I told him not to put the grill back in because I needed to turn my bacon over and he threw the oven glove against the wall and stormed off upstairs. I lol'd

Thankfully he's pissed off home for the weekend so I don't have to look as his sour face for the next three days

He sounds like a prize assclown. Force him to move out by mentally torturing him...

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Is the lad ok? Is he going through a bad time personally? Just having a **** day? Is there a reason for his behaviour other than you think he is being a dick? Things are never black and white. Unless he is deffo a word removed could you not give him a break? If he is a word removed than ignore the above :)

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On a more on topic note, there's been so much recently that could fill this thread. Work colleagues, work superiors, friends, family members, etc etc. All seems to be pissing me off recently. And some of it shouldn't.

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