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Change to the posting guidelines


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As you know, the posting guidelines are available via a link at the bottom righthandside of every page on the forum.

Whenever we make a change to them, however small, we will notify you to that effect so that you don't get 'caught out' by any change and so that you have a chance to (re-)familiarise yourself with any new & existing guidelines.

To that end we would like to alert you to a change in the guidelines around swearing and insults; specifically the 'insults'.

The new wording is as follows

Insults are not acceptable, whether aimed directly or indirectly at a poster. Keep personal vendettas and insults off this message board, please.

The part in bold is new and is aimed at stopping what was becoming a trend, where people took obvious digs at other individuals they had issue with without naming them specifically ("jeez I hate a certain poster in [insert thread]"). Any future transgressions of that nature will now be met with a 'post on poster' warning and the relevant warning points.

Thank you.



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