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Portland to Paulo (World Cup 2014)


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Good Day fellow VTers!!

My name is Brendan and I'm a regular reader of the forums. I wanted to take a minute and let you all know about some travel plans that a few people and myself will be executing. This is NOT a commercial advertisement, think of it more like an open invitation.


In January 2014 I will be driving my van from Portland, Oregon, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I plan on spending 6 months on the road and getting to Brazil in time for the World Cup (I've been to the last 2 WC's and I'm definitely not missing the Brazilian WC!). I knew I would be doing this trip the moment a CouchSurfer from China gave me his 1984 Chevy Camper Van. It took some thought and planning but I decided that I also wanted to help others along the way to Brazil.

That's when I decided that I'll be stopping at orphanages in each country to give back to the communities. That's when Portland to Paulo was born. And you're all invited to come along with me! The idea is to start a caravan of travelers to stop with us at the orphanages. We'll be donating them urgent and essential supplies as well as spending time with them and having some fun.


All in all it's going to be an epic roadtrip that will help others along the way. I hope that me spreading the word will be something that pulls more people on to the trip with us. If you are interested please reply here or connect with me via Facebook or also through the project website: www.portlandtopaulo.org

If you're interested and can't join us please spread the word and help get the cause out there!

Thanks so much!

Pura Vida
-Brendan 'Avila' Mahoney

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