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Centre half partnership?


Which do you prefer?  

128 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Mellberg - Laursen
    • Mellberg - Cahill
    • Mellberg - Ridgewell
    • Laursen - Cahill
    • Laursen - Ridgewell
    • Ridgewell - Cahill

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What do you think should be the regular 2 from 4?

For me personally, Laursen, when fit MUST play. He is a beast.

My other one is Ridgewell, who appears to be 4th choice for MON at the moment. For me he just organises the whole defence, and team from set pieces. He is also very good in the air (just behind Laursen), and is a decent reader. Also, I think he is the best passer in the whole defence, he can pick them, then either drive or loft his passes to the destination.

Can someone please add a poll to this, couldnt find the option.

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I think for the rest of the season i'd like to see Mellberg and Laursen - they play well together and i think the midfield would play better knowing they had two experienced centre halves behind them.

That said i think Cahill and Ridgewell look like they could be our first choice pairing in a couple of seasons time (as long as we can keep other lesser teams from trying depserate last minute swoops to pick them up).

The partnership of Cahill and Ridge looks full of promise to me, indeed they seem to play better together than with Mellberg.

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It is interesting that the 2 young'uns seem to play better together, as do the 2 old'uns.

It could be argued (by me) that the 2 young'uns may play to the same standard as each other and therefore look 'consistent' but that it's to a lower standard than the old'uns. And only when a young'un is paired with an old'un is he 'exposed' and this gives the impression that the partnership doesn't work.

The only reliable quality partnership is using the 2 best defenders, Olly and Mart.

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Interesting so far, I thought I was in the minority by thinkin Ridgewell was a more accomplished defender than Cahill.

Of course only about 70 people have looked at this thread so far. Still 100s to go

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Interesting that so far of all the votes cast, only 1 person doesn't see Laursen in our defence at all.

That's me. It's because I think he's finished. How much longer is he going to be injured? He's class yes but there's no good hoping all the time that he'll come back because when he does he doesn't last long.

Cahill and Ridgewell will be a better partnership in the long run as I don't think either of them can play with Mellberg.

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Seems pretty conclusive so far. Perhaps a closer poll would be to ask how you rank our 4 central defenders 1 to 4


2-Ridge the Fridge



I'd say that would change around given the ebb and flow of form (or injury) and its great to have that strength in depth in that position.

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