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Jed Steer


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"He will also add Norwich City goalkeeper Jed Steer, 20, who becomes a free agent on July 1, to a firmament of four including Brad Guzan, Shay Given and Benji Siegrist."

"Bringing in Jed will also add to the goalkeeping department and helps with everyone pushing one another, learning from one another and making everyone better and wanting to improve."


Formerly of Norwich City, albeit not making a first team appearance, Jed Steer will reunite with Lambo here at Villa by the looks of it.

No official statement on him that I can see, maybe not until July 1st, but they've slipped it into the news story above so I guess its finalized that Jed Steer will be our new number 2 and our 6th signing of the Summer.

Welcome I guess!

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From my Norwich supporting mate who is incredibly fair and balanced. (it's a group of facebook posts so bare with me)


I'm hearing that you're about to sign our U21 goalkeeper, Jed Steer. If you are then it's a potentially quality signing. We signed a new 18 year old keeper a couple of months ago who is meant to be the dog's bollocks but Steer will make it at this level, of that I have very little doubt.

 He could probably do with a season on loan at champ level. He's good but we have Dec Rudd who is meant to be at a similar level, Remi Matthews who has been impressing and Tyler Reading who we signed from Luton who is meant to be amazing. A keeper that we released has just signed pro at Man City. Our academy only seems to produce keepers. I know an academy coach who has been there for 20ish years and he reckons Steer is twice the player Rob Green ever was (remembering how good Green was before his world cup mistake which ruined him)
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Norwich rejected an £8m offer from me in Football Manager, so he must be good!

Welcome Jed!

Our squad is shaping up nicely!!

It all seems so easy. Why have no managers been able to do this before?? :S

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