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Nicklas Helenius (AaB)


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I think Wes mentioned him earlier and he sounds great. 
Is that their official site?
Edit: Dodgy music

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Some of those goals show some ridiculous technique! Good feet for a big man etc etc.


Love how I'd never heard of this bloke and now I'm really excited at the prospect of him coming!


Bent out, this chap in?

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From AaB's OS (via Google Translate)...



Aalborg has begun negotiations with the English Premier League club Aston Villa on a sale of the player Nicklas Helenius.  Further information will be published when there is either reached an agreement or negotiations have collapsed.



:lol: @ "or negotiations have collapsed"... confident then!





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As good as Benteke is he needs competition and we need someone in that back up role.

We just weren't the same team when bent or gabby started in that central striking role.

We could have a very exciting squad to start next season if these links are true.

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