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Famous Villa Autographs!


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I may be wrong but this I believe is something that the majority of `Holte Enders in the sky` will have happily done at some point during their life time devotion & membership of the `Chosen Few`


I first did it in 1972..................There I was standing outside the old Trinity Rd Car Park right next to where the old ticket office used to be just after we had beaten Swansea City 2-0 in the old 3rd Division ( Great Days!) When, there, suddenly, out of the blue, coming across the Car Park were Fred Turnbull, Chris Nicholl & my all time first Villa hero Pat McMahon. ( Most fan's loved Bruce Rioch at that time.)


Filled with that intangible youthful excitement imagine my sheer delight when I got all 3 of their autographs written down on a piece of paper that a passing supporter had kindly given to me.


I treasured this memento for years & scurried off immediately to play football with my mates in Aston Park feeling as high as a kite & pretending to score a goal like Pat McMahon, just  exactly as he had done so that day against Swansea.


Over the years I subsequently collected a number of Autographs & sometimes not always Villa. I once had a go at Gary Newbon heckling him whilst other poor misguided fools were clamouring for his signature. (Hilarious now when I look back at it)


Anyway,over the years, you just grow out of it ( as you do) however, I vividly recall one elderly fella' getting Peter Withe to sign upto at least 25 autographs against his new portrait photo collections when I attended the 25th Year Rotterdam Celebrations held in the Holte Suite in 2007.


So VT Posters! Who was your first Villa player/ Management etc etc autograph & which one was your most treasured ever & whose if anyone would you truly wish to own today?


Mine would be Ooh Aah Paul McGrath, I said Ooh Aah Paul McGrath! No Question!





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'78 / '79


ok, it's a photocopy, but when that came through the post back then I was a nipper it was a very big deal


I've even still got the avfc envelope it came in

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The first one I got was DOL. Met him when he was out jogging when I were on my way to get tickets for Villa-Kungsbacka. He signed the Villa shirt I wore that day. During that games half time I got Mellbergs and Allbäcks too.


Then I got Cowans and Bruce Riochs, I think it was Bruce, on a match programme.


I once won a replica of the '82 champions shirt signed by Chico Hamilton, Bobby Thompson, Chris Nicholl, Des Bremner, Tony Morley and two more that I can't remember right now.


And then, very recently I got a real corner flag from VP signed by the whole squad of this season.

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a couple of months ago i met dion dublin whilst his band was playing at coxs yard in stratford, i know hes not playing anymore but he a villa legend to be and has always been one of my favourite players to pull on our shirt, got a picture which him and his autograph (well the gf approached him without me seeing and he came over) such a nice guy


on another note, i also have robbie savages autograph on a blues ticket, no idea why


i also have ade akinbuyis autograph which my moms friend got whilst she was treating him in hospital, random

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My son no longer wants his (sparsely filled ) Autograph book - it has the signatures of Mcann, Allback, JLloyd Samuel, and Hitzelsperger

And lots of clean empty pages.

If anyone wants it let me know I'll post it or whatever. Obviously no charge !!



Just noticed that's my 3,333 Post and it's the 3rd of the 3rd ! Maybe we will finish third ?

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I met the whole squad when I was travelling back from Ireland to Brum. They had been to celebrate Cahills 21st . Got my shirt signed by them all. When I was a kid I broke my wrist & got the players to sign it. This was in 1976. I kept it for ages.

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