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Okay, l'll (reluctantly) start this match thread.


Absolutely huge. We need to rise to the occasion and handle the pressure. I'd personally be more confident if this was Saturday at 3pm. (as we wouldn't be last on the weekends fixture card and also the whole world wouldn't be watching) But we absolutely cant afford to lose this - and need to win.


I think id go back to having 3 in the middle - perhaps Westwood, Sylla and Delph and bench Zog. Id also consider bringing Clark in for Bennett and switch Baker to LB.


Basically i'm bricking it.

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We need four points from the next two. I remember saying that before the Reading and QPR games and we took 6 but I can't see that happening again. I'd certainly have preferred a Saturday 3pm (not least because I could have gone) but that's life. I would argue that we're a better side than Sunderland - we just need to play like it. 

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I think 4 from the next 6 would probably (note PROBABLY) be enough.

6 would obviously be ideal.


But it's one of those scenarios where I'll be much more comfortable if we get 3 in the first game. SOunds obvious, I know.


But if we only get a point (or worse) against Sunderland then it heaps the pressure on the Norwich game and that could be dangerous.

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I am working and staying in Sunderland for a few days this week and watched the manure game on TV with a couple of Sunderland fans that I know.


They said that when O'Neill was in charge they could not see where the next win was coming from and expected to lose to Newcastle, Everton and Villa. Now, having beaten Newcastle and Everton, they see a different level of passion within the team and are confident of beating us next week.


We have to win, we can't afford to limp along with the odd home draw here and there.

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Our kids play nervous at home, and it doesn't get more nerve wracking than this...Benteke is one of the young ones who doesn't seem to play panicky, so I hope he sees plenty of the ball. 


We really have to win this, and it's gonna be grueling to watch

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Up to 11 on hugeness. I am just looking forward to next season when each game is not such a stressful experience. We always look like a moment away from shooting ourselves in the foot, and even a 2 goal lead is nowhere near enough to feel comfortable for a win. But on the other hand if you compare our forward play this year to last year under McCluless its not contest.

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going to be going to this one a lot lot less confident than the QPR game but i am confident of winning this one. we have the quality its just the experience, but lambert knows how to play against a Di Canio side, we have the massive advantage of playing one of his sides earlier in the year, they will have done their homework then and they can combine it with what they are seeing now

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