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Silence or Applause Planned?


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Fulham at home - will there be a silence or applause prior to the game for Margaret Thatcher?



I looked in the 'off topic thread' relating to Margaret Thatcher and her recent death and only looked through the last half dozen or so pages and couldn't see any reference to it. I also checked the OS and upon a search for 'silence' or 'Thatcher' - I drew a blank.


I am interested to understand if there is a planned period of silence or applause.


For me, whilst I have respect for her with regard to the Falkands, there are other elements that I still feel anger and disappointment with - all for a forum topic away from here. As such, I would not support a silence or applause. Out of respect for the deceased, I wouldn't cause a scene etc. I would merely retreat under the Holte End until it was finished.


Any news from the club on this matter? Anyone else have a constructive view on this?

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