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So my dad has made an enemy of the City of Portland..


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I can't quite believe this haha.gif

So my dad is an events organiser and at the moment he's doing a fund raising event called 'The World's shortest run fun', which is a run around the country's smallest park. However, it would be the world's smallest park if not for the park in Portland, Oregon.

He wrote a press release about the event, calling the Park in Portland, 'A glorified flower pot' as a bit of a tongue in cheek thing.

He's now getting abuse on Twitter, news stories and numerous Portland TV, Radios and newspapers have rang to get an interview with him.

Oregon Public Broadcasting want to speak to him, he's had texts off KATU/TV and a text off a major radio station. Don't know who though.

Here's a web article.


This thing started small but since about an hour ago, it completely kicked off. The phone won't stop ringing haha.gif haha.gif

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totally agree with Stefans dad.


i think he should wind them up some more, tell them that their city should be called a town, and that the flower pot looks like a bunch of weeds.


He's in touch with Central news and Midlands Today now so look out for him :P

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