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By popular demand, I give you the Lego thread.


What was your favourite set/series growing up? What did it do, and why was it so good?


This was my favourite, from the Blacktron series. It had 2 detachable shuttles and ejected a little space craft when you raised the central screen.



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Imma try and list all the space sets I had/might still have in boxes somewhere...


Classic Space Series




Blacktron (Classic)




Space Police (Classic)








Blacktron Future Generation




Space Police II




Ice Planet



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Well, I just did a Google image search for "Awesome Lego Spaceships", and this is one of the images that came up.


I'm actually going to put a NSFW disclaimer, because it sure as hell gave me an erection...



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I didn't ever have sets per se, my cousins did and they would always have them sprawled out on their bedroom floor.

It never appealed to me to build lego how it was intended. We inherited a huge blue plastic tub of random bits of old lego from the '80s. I loved it, I just built all kinds of vehicles, planes, helicopters, cars with foldable wings. Hours of fun.

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Those cannons that fired were great. They all had the added touch of firing those little round black bits that looked like cannonballs.

Aw, man! I wanted the "Imperial" pirate stuff so badly. I can't even go to the attic and get the lego, because it's all at my parents' :(

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