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Squad Evaluation 2013


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We've had these sort of threads before but there's a bit of discussion kicking around the board as to how good our squad actually is and people seem to have some very different readings. My own position would be that the potential in our squad is decent but underdeveloped; that we do have some good players, but the the balance and experience is missing. 


Ranking both current ability and potential ability, where 6 is an average/solid premiership player and 7 is a good premiership player, and including only those who have first team league minutes behind them this season, I'd go:



Guzan - CA: 8 PA: 9

Given - CA: 7 PA: 7


Current Average: 7.5 // Average Potential: 8



Lowton - CA: 6 PA: 7

Lichaj - CA: 4 PA: 5

Vlaar - CA: 6 PA: 7

Dunne - CA: 6 PA: 6

Clark - CA: 5 PA: 7

Baker - CA: 6 PA: 7

Bennett - CA: 5 PA: 7

Stevens - CA: 4 PA: 5


Current Average: 5.25 // Average Potential: 6.4



El-Ahmadi - CA: 5 PA: 6

Westwood - CA: 6 PA: 7

Sylla - ???

Bannan - CA: 5 PA: 5

Herd - CA: 5 PA: 5

Delph - CA: 6 PA: 7

Gardner - CA: 4 PA: 6

Ireland - CA: 5 PA: 7

Albrighton - CA: 5 PA: 6

Holman - CA: 5 PA: 5

N'Zogbia - CA: 7 PA: 8

Dawkins - ???


Current Average: 5.3 // Average Potential: 6.2



Weimann - CA: 7 PA: 8

Agbonlahor - CA: 7 PA: 7

Bent - CA: 7 PA: 8

Benteke - CA: 8 PA: 10

Bowery - CA: 4 PA: 5

Delfouneso - CA: 4 PA: 5


Current Average: 6.2 // Average Potential: 7.2


Clearly this is a pseudo-science but one obvious objection is that poor squad players who rarely feature bring down the average, which is true. So going with a notional "First XI"














Current Ability: 6.5 // Potential Ability: 7.6


So conclusions from that rather longwinded exercise are:


- We have a decent first 11 with good potential. 

- We are very strong in goal and up front, but weak in defence and midfield.

- We have a number of players who are not and will not ever be good enough for this league.

- A few choice additions in key areas, along with a cull of some chaff, could see us much better positioned for next season.


Perhaps nothing we didn't know already but I'd be interested to hear your ratings at least...

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I think you have vastly over rated the goal keepers


Why? Guzan is already excellent in his first full season of PL football. It's possible for him to improve further and he's still young for a keeper. Given is a good Premier League goalkeeper, nothing more nothing less.


Football manager CA/PA ;)


Guilty! But I wanted to put potential in there because it's such a young squad so looking at them without taking that into consideration sort of misses the point. I'm sure that's Paul Lambert's view anyway, whether it actually does miss the point rather depends on whether we stay up.

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Given is way past it

Guzan is very average


why is that so funny? Guzan is not a world class keeper and will not be a 9 out of 10 player at all.

Given has been shite for some time now too

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nobody has said he is a world class keeper but he is far from average. He doesnt make many howlers and on current form probably top 5 keepers in the league.

again Given might not be in his prime but if he wasnt on a stupid contract he would have been snapped up by another Premier LEague club in january

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I'm not so sure the forwards earn those high rankings. Weimann, Gabby and Bent all 7? Really? 


Bent is indisputable IMO. The guy might not be playing atm for whatever reason but he's clearly a 'good' Premier League player without necessarily being an excellent PL player. Weimann has been better than average this season. Gabby was a v close call... 

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Ah, so the "CA" doesn't rank how they're actually currently performing? 


No but that's certainly a factor. It's how good a player they are at the moment, which is a mixture of form and ability. In Bent's case, for example, if you gave him a run of games in a team with even semi decent wingers he would be a good striker and score plenty of goals. If I was just ranking it on form this season he'd be about a 4 but that's clearly a nonsense.

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