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Who do you hate the most.


Who do you hate the most, Gobby Chavage or Small Heath???  

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  1. 1. Who do you hate the most, Gobby Chavage or Small Heath???

    • Gobby Chavage
    • Small Heath

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Nar i pretty much hate them all the same.

But my flat mate finds it quite amusing how much i use the C word when ever Chavage is on the telly. Which is quite alot in recent weeks.

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I hate small heath fans more than small heath the club

Rob has a point, I never really used to give a toss about small heath, except for the laughter they provided, it's the no-brain dickwipes and the utter shite they spout that is really annoying, but that's enough about the board of sha, the fans are bloody annoying too with all there big club nonsense, as much of there exsistance outside the top flight as in, never finishing above 6th, crap ground, crap players since the dawn of time, never winning a mojor trophy (well one that was considered major at the time, the league cup wasn't in the early 60's), beating villa is the biggest achievement they can hope for, it's where the extra passion and effort comes from on derby day, to us it's another game against a small club, just happens to be one from just down the road.

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