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Me a Dad again!


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My wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter Abbie last night. 5lb 5oz!


Was an extremely mad night...


Got home from work around 5:30 last night as per normal. Mrs saying to me I think we may need to start getting ready for the hospital, but she wasn't totally sure.


6:30 she starts getting more pains, but she still isn't totally convinced...so trusting her we wait wait albeit pretty much ready to jump in the car and go.


Around 7:20 she starts getting mega pains upto the point where I suggest we either go now or I am calling an ambulance, she shouted to me I don't care!


Sooooooooo, on that note it's an ambulance! Shitting my self, and the way she is reacting I am on the phone to 999 and thinking I am going to be the one helping her give birth in our living room!


Thankfully the ambulance turned up around 7:35 and they goto work on her, I felt a little more relaxed...

It was suggested she won't give birth for at least another hour...so of we go in the ambulance around 7:50..


The Alert light was on, I was in the front seat (great fun tbh!), the wife in the back SCREAMING like mad. The crew thought she was going to give birth in the ambulance on the way so we pulled over in Cotteridge!! Scarey stuff!


Turns out we're okay to continue, so of we go down Watford Road, get to Birmingham's womens...within a minute of her being wheeled into the delivery room to 2 awaiting midwifes my daughter was born. 8:12pm lastnight


I  missed the birth by a minute due to the speed of what went on and me getting her essentials out of the ambulance


Never thought I would experience a night like this, but now it is well worth it.


Don't know if you guys ever remember me posting a topic about being a dad for the 1st time a while ago, well she is now 4 and half!


Thanks for reading if you did and I am so excited about another beautiful daughter and another new chapter in my life, i'll post a picture soon!

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congrats mate


my dad was born in a beer garden, and they wonder I turned out how I did...and that is no lie me nan dropped him whilst sitting on a bench drinking a pint of lager

actually I have made a little bit of that up


I have no idea what me nan was drinking at the time

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Slow first labour, fast second labour is pretty much S.O.P. To briefly recap on a story I've done on VT a few times:


Our first took 12 hours plus.


Second one - got in the car to go to the hospital at 7.30 pm, baby born at 7.50 pm. Close run thing.


She did say that the quick labour was MUCH more painful though!


Oh, and on Rob's point, I got the snip a couple of months later... 

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