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A view from the opposition


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Some good replies from the Villa fans, a great read as ever Liam.

Thanks as always Liam. Some good responses with no immature comments.

Good piece again Liam, shame that Richard showed his true colours, whats Richard slang for again :P

Another good read. Cheers Liam. :)

Very nicely done. Thanks Lliam. I liked "Benteke might cause the odd problem till he shoots".

all very nondescript.

some interesting comments from liam, though:

Traditional Kits for both sides. Albion lining up in their famous Blue and White with the Vile lining up in their Claret and Blue.

Their defeats came against Man City and Chelsea where Villa conceded a total of 13 goals. 8 (eight)(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) of those against Chelsea!

I would go into in-depth detail about their history, but anybody who knows a Villa fan has probably had it explained to them 683059382258 times before and therefore I won't bore us all by posting it and we shall move onto the next topic because the way they go on about it I'm sure we know it just as good as them!

In June 2012, Lambert ended up at Villa Park after Alex McLeish was removed of his duties. His biggest defeat so far came away at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea put EIGHT past "Lambert's Lions".

i don't think liam likes us very much! it's a shame that a young lad like himself can suffer so much pent-up anger and frustration from living in the shadow of aston villa football club and its terrific fans. poor lad. :(

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Here's to an entertaining game, our season back on track and three points to the Pride of the Midlands

"Pride of the Midlands"


"Pride of the Midlands" ha ha ha ha!

Good one...

To be fair, he doesn't actually say who the Pride of the Midlands are.

I'll interpret it as he's predicting an away victory.

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To be honest, I don't like you very much as a club (you've probably understood that already) and on my own forum, I shall tweak things to suit an Albion audience whilst on here I shall try and remain civilised because this is your forum and the last thing your admin wants is me annoying everybody.

If you beat us, fair do's, I'll come on here and congratulate you. I won't run away. And neither shall I rub it in if we win (which I doubt).

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Q1. Has the season so far gone as you expected?

No. I had expected to be around 12th - 14th

Q2. The transfer window is currently open, where do Aston Villa need to strengthen most?

Centre defence and midfield and a wide player would be nice.

Q3. The game at Villa Park finished 1-1. What were your opinions on that game? Fair result?


Q4. You've had some pretty poor results recently, do you have any doubts over whether Paul Lambert is the right man for you?

No my doubts are elsewhere.

Q5. You're in a relegation battle, do you reckon you shall survive and which three clubs shall be relegated?

I hope so. Reading, QPR & Southampton.

Q6. Which players should we be wary of in your side, and who do you fear the most in ours?

Benteke and Weimann. Olsson (from corners), Lukaku and Long.

Q7. Score predictions.

3-1 to us.

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