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Full Movies On YouTube


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Not really been a film watcher over the past couple of decades, but have got a smart TV. Also trying to ween the other half off Pick TV.

Had wanted to see 'District 9' - it's here.

A list of full movies

The very wonderful Network Awesome here. Click on Archive for a list of films, series, documentaries etc.

Keep the chat for the proper film thread, it's more practical if this is kept short & sweet.

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www.archive.org has a load of films that are now in the public domain including Dr. Strangelove and Escape from Sobibor.

There are also a lot of World War 2 videos including some German propaganda which I think is ineresting if you're interested in World War 2.

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is this legal?

if so, how/why?

if not, why hasn't youtube taken them down?

It depends if there's permission for them to be uploaded.

This is also the reason they've not been taken down. Google doesn't have the manpower to individually access each video for copyright infringement, they rely on takedown notices.

The burden is on the copyright holder to protect their IP, not Google.

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Zulu. Another absolute classic. 




"Don't throw those bloody spears!" 


He never actually said it.  The quote is actually from a different film called

The Man That Would Be King but history has given it to Michael Caine. It's difficult not to read the line in his voice.

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