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Semper Fidelis!


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A little bit of nostalgic twaddle!! Don't know how to the quote thingies

"Posted 30 October 2006 - 06:46 PM


I am General Krulak and am one of the new Directors of Aston Villa Football Club. I have spent the past week trying to get onto this site and have finally succeeded. I can assure each of you that I have NOT purposely avoided this site and have been helped tremendously by John Cresswell who had to bear the burden of a Yank trying to follow his instructions on how to log in. Sorry John!

Let me start by telling you how happy Randy, the other Directors and I am about being part of the Villa Family! Yes, we are "part" of the family...not the most important part...just a part. The history, traditions and ethos of this magnificent Institution are very precious to us...just as they are to you. You all have stuck with Villa through thick and thin and we are new to Villa Park...BUT, believe me, we want what you want and will work very hard to achieve that goal.

We are blessed with a superb Manager who has everyone's total support. He is a great football mind, a great tactician, and a great teacher...but most important, he is a great Leader! He knows how to motivate the team and get the best from them...and when he needs to make adjustments, he does it with skill.

I am on this Site because, like Randy, I truly care about what fans say and feel. We want to do right...we are not interested in screwing it up. At the same time, we realize we can't perform miracles...we can't change things overnight. What we ask is that everyone join us in supporting the team...and keep the spirit up. The coaches to Chelsea are a great opportunity to do just that. Come on down and lets drown out the Chelsea fans.

Finally, we have no egos...we don't believe we have all the answers. What we do know is that we care...and that we are part of something very special.

Semper Fidelis, General Krulak"

He was right they couldn't "change things over night", (six years on we are actually worse off!)

BUT wrong about "...screwing it up" they have done a mighty fine job of that!

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I lost all faith in the general and Randy right after MON left. I had turned right after Krulak talked shit about the former manager (who I probably held in higher regard than he deserved, knowing now how he **** up the economy of the club with his high wage players and destroying the sale value by putting them out in the cold), then talked about how many young talented players we had.

A general that tries to make one of his officers (MON) a scapegoat is a bad general, and since I liked MON, I really felt they did not tell the whole truth about the situation.

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Say what you want about the Lerner regime we all know the biggest mistake was putting MON in charge of leading the revolution. The rest has been one mistake after another.

Lerner didn't appoint MON of course, just gave Ellis the nod. So you can't really pin that on him. He's only responsible for Houllier, McLeish and Lambert, and selling off all the decent players MON bought with no intention of replacing them.
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You could of appointed two of the most hatred SHA fans as Chairman & CEO and they couldnt have fcukt the club up any more worse than what dumb & dumber have done!..

Seriously what the bloody hell has randy learnt about soccerball?.. Jesus the guy has failed at every business/sports project he has walked into!..

So i guess the bloke is consistent at something...

Just a shame its at fcuking things up!..

And as for Faulkner :crylaugh: The customer service manager for a loan shark turned CEO of a premier league football club! Some promotion that is!

Im sure he is nice bloke but WTF dose he know about running a top flight football club?

Ok so its very clear to see that he is randys little yes man, a type of gimp bitch on a lead. yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir!..

But by the looks of the clubs figures the guy has to take his shoes and socks off to count over 10.

Yet we as paying customers to this business are expected to trust there judgement!

Mmmm, Trust there judgements?.. In all honesty, I wouldnt trust these two charlatans to Run a bath, Let alone Run a top flight premier leauge football club!

The Time Has Come Randy!.. Either Man Up, Or Do One!.. And Take Your Yes Man With You!..

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I now feel like it probably wouldnt have been any worse had Doug Ellis not sold the club and stayed in charge. We'd probably have gone down but we'd have come back straight away as by and large, Ellis got his managerial appointments right. It would have been better than this lingering death under Lambert we are experiencing.

This form of ruthless cost cutting without any investment is the sort of thing the old git could only dream of. Unfortunately we now have a manager that is perfectly happy to do his master's bidding.

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How about this proud history bright future bollocks that kulaks then went and spouted in a speech he gave in his university chancellor role in the USA as if it was the first time he had said it. Just bollocks

Yep, unabashed fraudulent behavior

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