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Be thankful at Christmas


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Oh come all ye faithful!

Happy Christmas one and all from the Moderating team here at VT. We hope you've had a great year, and despite the ups and downs (and then more downs) of the football, you're looking forward to 2013 with a spring in your step.

We've all enjoyed some great times on VT this year - arguing, laughing, celebrating, despairing, sharing it all with our cyber-mates.

With this in mind it'd be great if you could find it in your kind hearts to click on the donate tab above and spare a few sheckles towards the hosting of the site.

The costs are likely to keep rising into the new year, and Limpid is paying it all out of his own pocket. If you've enjoyed VT this year, and want to keep enjoying it in 2013 your support is vital.

Cheers again all, and have a fantastic Christmas!

Lots of love,

The Mods

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we are getting rain, lots and lots of rain, doesnt feel very christmassy IMO because of the weather, not really cold enough and far too wet

BUT ive watched national lampoons this morning and im watching the muppets now so getting in to it

merry christmas everyone


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