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Best and Worst Xmas Songs


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I used to love Fairytale of New York, but it is so overplayed now.

I still enjoy Stop The Cavalry though.

This is probably every bit as played as The Pogues, but Christmas isnt Christmas without Wizzard.

Id throw in Slade & Fountains of Wayne too, but the stupid forum wont let me.

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heard Slade Merry Christmas a few times on the radio of late

I'm no musician but it has what I think is possibly one of the best bass tracks , it just sort of trips along

(probably some musicians will now tell me a 2 year old could play it !!)

Greatest Xmas song for my money would be Band Aid and Do they Know it's Christmas .... the sentiment was right in helping others , even if the execution itself was flawed

Worse one has to be that Mariah Carey one , All I want for Christmas

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I don't have too much problem with the overplayed songs thing, as I don't listen to pop radio, and I avoid shopping malls, etc.

I have a collection of Xmas CDs, but I ration them carefully.

Whole albums:

Phil Spector

Jethro Tull

The Roches

A classical one by the Taverner Consort

A cheap carols compilation

Plus odd tracks:



John & Yoko


Greg Lake


Aled Jones

Elton John


Mike Oldfield


Hate list includes Wham, Mud, McCartney, Shakin' Stevens, Cliff, Brenda Lee, Bing, Boney M, Mel & Kim, etc.

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