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Where do you think we will finish?


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I'm going to go between 11th and 15th. Think theyll probably be 3 points between those positions at the end of the season.

One massive concern is Benteke, only in the sense that we are as heavily dependant on one player as I've ever seen. Injuries to him and I think we are very serious relegation candidates.

I agree that we do seem over-dependent on Benteke but I think that PL would find a solution from the resources available whatever

I actually believe that he will address this issue in the window.

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Some ups and downs along the season, I expect us to at one point be seeing some fans questioning whether we could challenge for the top 7 and at another point see fans questioning whether we could still get relegated.

I'm going with 13th.


  1. United

  2. City

  3. Arsenal

  4. Spurs

  5. Chelsea

  6. Everton

  7. West Brom

  8. Liverpool

  9. Swansea

  10. Norwich

  11. Newcastle

  12. Fulham

  13. Villa

  14. West Ham

  15. Sunderland

  16. Wigan

  17. QPR

  18. Southampton

  19. Reading

  20. I seem to have forgotten someone.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot Stoke, easily done. Put them in at 14th and move everyone down a space.

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I think we will finish 12th.

We will finish above Reading,QPR,Southampton,Wigan,Sunderland,Fulham and a couple of other teams because we will beat a few more top teams and if Benteke gets injured or suspended I am sure that PL will work around that, bearing in mind that the team are playing a totally different way now.A winning games and keeping possesion way. :)

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Wouldn't that mean 9th, or is your prediction non-mathematical?

No. It means that we finish 10th. Then the 4 teams I think we will finish higher than will finish 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th. The 6 last teams will take the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th places.

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A lot depends on how the transfer window pans out of course, but given what you've seen so far where do you think we will finish this season?

It might be interesting to come back and look at our predictions as the season progresses

Try to plump for a single position rather than "somewhere between x and y"

For myself I'm hoping for better but predicting an 11th place finish

4th - AVFCRigo ( currently a 1500-1 shot )


6th - DarrenM. Ikantcpell


8th - Daweii, Claret75

9th - AVFCforever1991, CrackpotForeigner, KJT123, StanBalaban

10th - Folski, DeepDish, Richard

11th - VillaCas, Maqroll, 8Pints, Philospher, MMFy, Rodders, BraveHeartVillian, Chappy, LockStockVilla, RomaVillan, DamsonWoodVillan, DeigoD

12th - Adz.Villa, DieHardVillian, Mantis, VillaKevBromsgrove, Raver50032. Paddywhack, the understudy, PussEKatt

13th - KJParton, Lexicon, TrentVilla, Brumerican, Ghost, David-Copenhagen, Cheltenham-Villa, HalfTimePost

14th - Samjp26, PB, Stevo985, Tayls, CI, Quizme, GC80, Voinjama

15th - Jimzk5, Woody1000, LondonLax, AVFCtheObsession, Milfner, KHV

16th - Jim, SNE

17th -


18th -

19th -

20th - PieFace

Where people have given a range as a prediction, I've taken a middle position, erring on the side of optimism - if anyone is unhappy let me know

True to form, a few people (take a wild guess who!!) like to remain mysterious and enigmatic with their predictions but I will add them if they are able to be a little more specific

A point today will really re-inforce the good run we are on - I'm not hopeful but it is a good time to be playing Chelsea

I can see us taking a point off Spuds and beating Wigan to finish 2012 on a high

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