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Where do you think we will finish?


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I know it's only been the last two games but we seem to have found our scoring touch, with the back line looking very solid and Vlarr to come back, things are definitely on the up with some good signings and nice looking fixtures in Jan we could do well, 9/2 for a top half finish is good value.

I'm having a punt at 9/2

I've put you down as a 10th place finish


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A lot depends on how the transfer window pans out of course, but given what you've seen so far where do you think we will finish this season?

It might be interesting to come back and look at our predictions as the season progresses

Try to plump for a single position rather than "somewhere between x and y"

For myself I'm hoping for better but predicting an 11th place finish

8th - Daweii, Claret75

9th - AVFCforever1991

10th - Folski

11th - VillaCas, Maqroll, 8Pints, Philospher, MMFy, Rodders, BraveHeartVillian, Chappy

12th - Adz.Villa, DieHardVillian, Mantis, VillaKevBromsgrove, Raver50032. Paddywhack

13th - KJParton, Lexicon, TrentVilla, Brumerican, Ghost

14th - Samjp26, PB, Stevo985, Tayls, CI

15th - Jimzk5, Woody1000

16th - Jim, SNE

17th -


18th -

19th -

20th - PieFace

Where people have given a range as a prediction, I've taken a middle position, erring on the side of optimism - if anyone is unhappy let me know

True to form, a few people like to remain mysterious and enigmatic with their predictions but i will add them if they are able to be a little more specific

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Could you put me down for 9th please VC?

Fwiw if Benteke stays fit I think we'll easily stay up, regardless of January activity or lack of. If we have a good January and things continue to click the way they have done lately, there's no reason we couldn't go on a run and finish 7th. Then again we could lose our momentum, lose Benteke to injury and crawl to 17th. Most likely 8th to 12th imo.

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Two words, Jordan & Bowery

I hadn't forgotten about Bowery and have actually stated elsewhere that this might very well be Lambert's plan to sell Bent and have Bowery as back up to Benteke.

If this is so, I would very much like to see Bowery blooded in more Premiership games in readiness for Benteke being rested. We may not have the time to give another fledgling his wings in the Premiership?

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