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Anfield December 2010 - Anfield Dec 2012 What a Contrast


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I Not a peep from the home fans. The Villa fans on the other hand were tremendous.

We certainly were. Given the tripe being served up in 2010 though we were also superb that night and out sung the Kop which made it even more of a kick in the stomach when our manager ignored us at full time choosing to lord it in front of the Liverpool fans.

The whole spirit of the club seems so much different from then to now. You knew back then we were going to go backwards quickly and so it proved. Now the opposite is true and I sense we are heading in the right direction with some good times ahead.

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Remarkably, after the Anfield game in 2010 we had 17 points from 16 games. Now we have 18 from 17, so on paper our form is similar

But there is such a different feel .to how the manager and squad are approaching games, and there is much more scope for optimism now.

I still want Randy to fork up a bit more cash in January, though, After all, he bought Bent to get Houllier out of trouble.

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Good post. Didn't he touch the Liverpool emblem on the way out the tunnel too?

He did. I was furious with this, alongside obviously ignoring your own supporters.

You may think your heart lies there, but for God's sake don't bite the hand that feeds you by showing support for the opposition. He looked like he couldn't care less about Villa or the result, just as long as he got to experience the mighty Anfield again.

Even McLeish didn't manage a PR cockup this bad.

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The thing is though, those of us at the game didn't know about the touching the sign thing until we left the game and got home. It had no impact on the fans at the game.

If I recall correctly the ambient temperature was -18 degrees centigrade, the coldest temperature I've ever encountered at a game. The fans that were there started off in good voice but after about 15-20 mins the usual songs got replaced with typical Villa gallows humour because that team completely lacked any desire, they had no hunger for the game at all. Houllier was getting slated by everyone in our section of the Anfield Rd end, it wasn't just about that game, it had been coming anyway but what we were watching was dross, utter dross. Then the Kop started singing Houlliers name and he waved at them. If the team had been playing anywhere near well, that would have been acceptable given his history but they weren't but Houllier was more wrapped up in his own emotions than those of the people paying his wages.

The rest of the events are a matter of record and the Villa fans didn't stop singing all game but we were taking the piss, we'd become like a lower league side's fans playing in the 6th round of the FA Cup against an established Premier League side, laughing about our fate because we knew nothing would change, we were resigned to the dream being over for that game, might as well have a laugh. But come the final whistle and Houllier's actions towards the Kop plus his non action towards the fans that support the team that was paying his wages, I have never known a set of fans ever be so united in their hatred towards one man. We were seething, absolutely angry beyond belief.

We'd mostly travelled from the midlands (not me I live here) in the worst cold snap for decades, supported the team throughout the game and were rewarded with one of the most inept performances I've ever witnessed from a Villa team and to top that off our manager was more interested in massaging his own ego with the fans of the opposition. If he'd done his job that day (or any day for that matter) he'd have been forgiven that quite quickly by most but he didn't. Not only that he didn't appear to give a shit, he was forced by the club to apologise and even then he couldn't quite manage it, he couldn't quite say he was sorry, that he was wrong.

It was a black day and Houllier was to be honest exactly as I expected him to be... a complete and utter self absorbed arsehole.

I haven't been back to Anfield since, I was offered two tickets this year by Liverpool fans (in their end) and declined. I do wish I'd accepted their offers now but that game was still at the back of my mind.

I'll be going next time I can get a ticket, that's down to Lambert

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