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The Candy Man, the Candy Man can

The Candy Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

Happy Friday everybody! (I take the lead from the Radio 2 breakfast show).

So what are your plans? I dashed back to Portsmouth today from London (leaving work early) as I had a bit of a panic that somehow I've missed a payment on a credit card (which is also in a payment plan so need to keep up the payments or account goes into default. Defaults are kind of "iffy" in my line of work). It turns out, after finding my details here and phoning them up, that my account is actually up to date and that they cocked up by not taking it - and that they don't plan on taking it as I'm in a payment plan so proceed as normal. How bizarre, but BONUS!

I also had a bumper wage from work as they've finally paid up the extra hours I was owed so I'm feeling rather flush :D Massively in debt but rather flush - I'll pretend that I don't owe the debt until tomorrow and then I'll put my serious face on and see which account I should pay more on this month.

I've also got to make plans for a wedding, look at getting booked into a hotel etc: My friends who both suffer from cancer have bought their wedding forward to February (sadly my mate is now terminally ill).

Other than that, I do believe I may get drunk. Yes, siree!

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