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Leonardo Bonucci


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From the Grauniad...

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci punches and chases armed robber

• Juventus defender had gun pointed at his head by thief

• Bonucci ran after thief and accomplice as they escaped


Leonardo Bonucci was buying a Ferrari when an armed robber demanded his watch.

The Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci faced down an armed robber who pointed a gun at his head before chasing the assailant as he tried to get away. The Italy international was with his wife and baby son at a car dealership in Turin on Thursday, looking to buy a Ferrari, when an armed man with his face hidden demanded that he give him his watch.

Bonucci refused and instead punched the thief, knocking him to the ground before chasing him as he tried to get away on a scooter with an accomplice. Gazzetta dello Sport reported the man shouted: "What are you doing? Are you mad? I'll shoot you" as Bonucci pursued them in vain.

Bonucci later reported the incident to the police.


I do like a centre-half that'll take anything on.

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