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Who do you want to win the league?


Who do you want to win the league this season?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to win the league this season?

    • Chelsea
    • Manchester United

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So what you're basically saying is that rich clubs should't use the money they have available?

Should a rich club not buy the expensive player they want, and instead buy a cheaper one who isn't as good just for the sake of it?

I think that is just envy talking. United have earned their money, bought players who made them better (hence all the titles) and

still they are at the top. But if was to recap United in one way it would have to be the Beckham, Giggs (well... not the same year), Scholes,

Butt etc, all the homegrown players very much like our Cahill, Osbourne, Moore and Gabby. Not players who cost 250M all together like

Chelsea does. Sure they have invested silly money on players like Veron and Ferdinand (28M?), but what is 28M for a club like United?

It's like spending 5M at Villa. People laugh of the Sheva-purchase, but what is 30M to Roman? Around 2M for Doug Ellis, easy as that.

If I had 10 million I would buy a Porsche 911 tomorrow, and not a bloody Hyundai Elantra because it's cheaper. Same thing, and people mouth

of the guy driving the Porsche as well :P

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Manyoo - I hate them but some of my mates are fans and are actually from Manchester. I know they are by-and-large a bunch of gloryhunting words removed, and I was at the FA Cup game when a load of them ran on our pitch, but to be honest with you they contributed much to the England squad - developed themselves without throwing money around. Those they bought for large sums were the kind of players who would be "the final jigsaw".

Chelsea can go **** themselves - I hope they slide down the league and go bust. Crap team, crap fans, prick of a manager, no history, players bought for silly money so that the rivals can't get them, bankrolled by a man who is as much a corrupt politician as he is a tax fraud and gangster. He left Russia to get the heat off - he'll return when Putin has gone and hopefully, Chelsea will be bankrupt!

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