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Who do you want to win the league?


Who do you want to win the league this season?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to win the league this season?

    • Chelsea
    • Manchester United

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A chance for some light-hearted debate. It's Man Ure vs Cashsea today and the winners will hammer a blow into the other side's title hopes.

So assuming that the title race is already down to two horses, who do you want to win? -

1) The Nouveau Riche of Chelsea, who are buying trophy after trophy;


2) The old Nouveau Riche of Manchester United who used to buy trophy after trophy until Roman conquered.

Better the (red) devil you know (but have spent years hating) or rather the Roman hordes, so you can write it off to a big bank balance rather than a superior standard of play.

In the words of Lloyd Grossman - David, it's over to you...

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Their success of recent times was down to successful youth policy (initially), sticking with a manager and good business practices off the pitch.

Chelseas was down to money.

All the glory hunting fans etc is just part of being a successful club....dont kid yourselves it wouldnt happen to Villa too if (when) we start winning thigs again. As much as i hate that whole side of it, i know it's hardly man u's fault.

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Interesting topic.

Without looking at the results I would imagine most of us would relish United to take Chelsea's scalp, especially since they went out

and got Sheva / Ballack / Cole just like that, using some 50M this summer when they really didn't have to do it.

They have few English/British players and they have a manager who speaks with the devil's tongue.

I do however rate the Cup as 70 / 30 in favour of Chelsea, due to their great squad.

Ronaldo / Saha out - Fletcher / O'Shea in

Geremi / Sheva out - Robben / Cole in (point made!)

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simply because of Rooney

Why because of him? great player.

I just don't want Chelsea to steamroll the league like they have done the past 2 seasons just because they have the money.

And I cannot stand Mourinho's constant wingeing

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because of Rooney, don't like him or his attitude or that of his club.

Add to that Neville, Fergie, the diving cheating portugese tosser; and that game v Sheff Weds where potato head and I would want anyone (but sha) to finish above them.

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