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Surprise, Surprise... Utility companies raising prices again!


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Surely something has to be done about this

Just heard the news British Gas are raising their prices again by another 6% on the back of Southern Electric raising their prices

Like clockwork in time for christmas eh?

It's Ridiculous... this country is becoming a farce a more expensive place to live in with each passing day ive heard the expression "Rip off britain" used alot recently and i have to agree i'll probably be found dead come spring as i won't be switching on the heating thats for sure

When will the government learn that to get the economy moving people need money to spend... nobody has any money to spend because their being robbed by these greedy bastards on an annual basis

And no i don't care if your profits were down 9% in the summer boo **** hoo i guess it really made a dent in the 320 + mill they made last year

The only positive i can think of in all of this is that Immigration will go down due to people not wanting to live in such a Rip off country

Remember... were all in this together according to Cameron anyway

Feel free to vent your frustrations

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Yes it is a one way street AshVilla. Production costs go down the price remains the same if they go up the cost is passed straight on to the customer. Still there may be a bonus in it for the suits and that is their primary motivation.

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Not only will my energy prices go up, I got a letter from British gas yesterday telling me my Homecare (insurance fo rmy boiler and central heating basicallly) is going up by nearly 40%

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I work for an energy consultancy and trust me, we are being inundated with phone calls from domestic users complaining about the letters they are being sent from British Gas.

*puts on energy consultant hat*

Don't forget that as domestic users of gas/electricity, you are free to change providers at almost any time.

I'm not sure on the rules on this website about 'plugging' companies, but if a mod would let me, I would post a link to a comparison site (the company that I work for). It's obviously no benefit to me, but it may save some of you on average £270 a year (remember that's before British Gas prices go up on average £100 a year).

Let me know if anyone wants a PM or if a mod would let me put a link on here, hopefully I can be of some use! :)

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For the vast majority of people in this country they are either past a tipping point where they can no longer afford to live to a decent standard or are very close to it. Price rises like this will push many over the edge. The energy companies are getting away with this because the Politicians and the regualtors are not keeping them in check.

Everything is rising apart from the vast majority of peoples income. There is no doubt this country is ****.

Looking specifically at this issue I'd advise going on to any decent comparison site and you will find a far better deal than what British Gas can offer you. I fixed till Jan 2014 with Scottish Power recently. One thing I would say is you want to be looking at getting on to one of these fixed rate deals asap as they will not last much longer as once one or two of the big boys up their prices they all follow.

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To be fair to British Gas, their profits last year were only £9 billion and the wholesale price of gas has dropped significantly since then. So of course they need to put the prices up.

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but we are partly to blame

nuclear power - no thanks

wind farms - nooo, it'll spoil my view

local mini power stations burning local rubbish - noooo, someone on the interweb said they're bad

wood chip burning eco power stations - nooo, too big and ugly

damn across the Severn for tide power - noooo, think of the poor wading birdies

shale gas fracking - nooo, tap water catches fire and earthquakes happen

crank up insulation and power saving in the buidling regs - noooo, it'll make houses £500 dearer to build

consume less power - noooo, I need to tweet whilst watching telly with the light on in the next room

We demand instant power but don't want to see or experience how it's generated. So private companies go to the international market and bid for Russian gas or Qatari lpg and moan about the price.

The govt (any colour) has to man up and explain we either turn off lights and the xbox, spoil the view, or shut up and pay.

Personally, I'm interested to see at what price point public opinion turns and says actually, yeah, let's build some power stations that might obscure the view of some hills.

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