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Lambert's Row With Norwich


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Hi lads.

Sorry to have inflicted Wiz on you. Every club has one and he is ours. If you want to see what the majority of posters on our site think of him, take a look at this link: http://services.pink...0/ShowPost.aspx

I'm afraid he's just an attention seeking village idiot. I rarely post on The Pink Un any more due to the likes of him and some other cronies on there.

As for Lambert, I will always appreciate the fact he turned us around from a team struggling team in League 1 to one that survived comfortably in the Prem. Yes I was disappointed that he left, and with the way in which it happened, but it was inevitable. We have to be realistic about that. With no offence meant to you at all, I did think he'd have held out for a bigger club. Not that you aren't big, but you seem to have off field troubles and I just felt there were stable clubs with better finances that would have snapped him up had he held out for it. My view is that there was more going on behind the scenes at Norwich than has come to light.

Again apologies for Wiz. Please don't judge the rest of us on his idiotic trolling.

Ah, I see you made it over here, a bit longer than I thought but never mind.

I'm not getting into counter mud slinging on a rival's site, but you're STILL posting on our boards despite your claims.

You've done a pretty good hatchet job on me, I'll give you that, but the Villa lads had already found me guilty....

To them, I say may the best team win...........................as long as it us...............thats banter btw.

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I don't know who you think I am Wiz, but I doubt you'll even have noted me on The Pink Un. I have less that 500 posts in 10 years there. I'm not one of the inner or even outer circle there. I read it enough to know who is who there though. You're just proving our arguments by making out that you know who I am and saying I'm STILL posting there. I said I 'rarely' post there, not that I've given up.

In fact, I've never said a bad word about anyone on The Pink Un. I think it's childish, but was so embarrassed by your foray onto here that I felt someone should try and defend the image of Norwich fans by being half decent and realistic.

Let's leave these boys in peace now and get back to our own board.


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Is Wiz going to VP on Saturday, are we doing an internet meet up

Only in spirit hogso, with travel and tickets costing what they do, I just cannot afford it. I settle these days for the odd trip to Carrow Road, if finances allow it....which is no where near where I'd like.

Getting back on track, Lambert was massive for us, as we were for him so its sad to see it end this way.....And I've no idea who's right or wrong.

Lets just hope its sorted out quickly for everyone's sake.

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