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We NEED to win this.

Sick of being wound up by Albion fans about them being the biggest club in the Midlands now it makes me sick!

Plus i'm giving one of them a lift to the game again-I do not want to be driving him home on the back of them winning-I don't think i could take doing that for the second season in a row!

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Bannan has been poor of late and is far too lightweight for the battle today, i will be really disappointed if he starts..

Really? I think he's been playing pretty well and for me he's settling in to the team nicely - regardless, it seems the manager likes him and he's started our last four league games, I cant see him getting dropped at a point where we're without one of our other key midfielders in Stephen Ireland.

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Lowton Clark Vlaar Lichaj

---------KEA Delph--------



We won't get away with starting 12 players

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Boggies fans have gotten way above their station recently.

I agree with the comments about this game being pivotal to our season aspirations.

I think Lukaku is going to need some tight marshalling, hopefully Vlaar is switched on today for the entire 90 minutes.

Completely agree with all of this.

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i just hope we give a good account of ourselves being live on tele...

we aren't on that often and after the dreadfulness of the past two years everyone sees us as a boring footballing side full of players that are either too young or too shit

would love it if we passed them off the park today and won fairly comfortably for obvious reasons but also to rebuild that damaged reputation of ours

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