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Clarke is a very inexperienced manager, I think he will set up looking to win the game, this should suit us and I expect the boys to exploit their tactical naivety. I think the momentum is with us and their season will now start to unravel a little bit . Fulham smashed them and I expect us to do the same.

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-------------El Ahmadi---Bannan-------------



Given, Baker, Lichaj, Albrighton, N'Zogbia, Bent, Weimann

I'd be quite happy to swap out either Clark or Bennett for either Baker or Lichaj, I haven't really made my mind up on which of those pairs I prefer.

Midfield is all interchangeable you could set them out however you like.

I'm not quite ready for throwing more than two of our strikers into the game, so I'll go with the two on form - that might be a bit harsh on Weimann who's worked his socks off, but I think it's a great sign for the club.

I think we need to be mindful of overconfidence going into this one of the back of the City result - I think we went into the Southampton game convinced we were a good side off the back of the Swansea result and it cost us. Hopefully we've learned a lesson.

Albion are no mugs, they've got some talented players who are used to each other, play some good stuff, are well organised and experienced - I'd take a cautious approach to this one and keep some of our firepower on the bench for if we need it late on.

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Bit of a selection headache up front for PL, Gabby played the full game(I think) so he would probably be back on the bench in normal circumstances as he's only just back but he scored 2 and played a blinder so I guess if he's fit he'll play. Wouldn't be surprised to see all three of them playing to be honest. Andi and Alby on the bench. Zog to start.

1-0 Villa. Clark to score.

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It really is anyone's guess as to how it could go tomorrow, we've made a very inconsistent start and they have played very well so far. I think a lot of it will come down to which Villa turns up, the one that beat Swansea and Citeh or the one that lost to Everton and Southampton. At least Lambert has a nice selection headache with Gabby, Bennett, N'Zogbia and Delph all pushing for starting places. Albion will raise their game against us like they always do so I think we need an early goal (or three) to open them up as the longer it goes on being 0-0 the more likely chance we will lose after our worrying defensive displays recently. They appear to have problems in the full-back positions and Gabby and N'Zogbia looked dangerous midweek running at the full-backs so maybe Lambert will start them, although it would be harsh if Holman or Bannan were dropped as both have been good so far. It will be interesting but nervy especially when they are attacking us and if we're holding on late-on but hopefully the result and performance midweek can be the start of a run of consistency. One thing is for sure, it will be very difficult tomorrow.

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Think we may go:





This. I think Delph offers more than Bannan in terms of work-rate and defensive capability so would prefer him alongside KEA today. CNZ needs to start performing consistently and hopefully the Man City goal will give him some confidence.

Plus having 3 different (ish) types of striker on the pitch will hopefully give WBA some problems.

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I'm not an Albrighton fan but I'd play him tomorrow just to allow some width

Amen to that

the moments that we have been shit this year have been caused by us playing too narrow, we have been crying out for someone to stretch teams and pull dfenders out wide and we have suffered because of this...

Zogs and Gabby did this against City and look what happened...

id go with






Zogbia could come in for Holman but Bretts workrate will be crucial....

Bent is often a passanger and that cant happen in a derby plus Benteke and Gabby linked up well.

Bannan has been poor of late and is far too lightweight for the battle today, i will be really disappointed if he starts..

if Gabby is on it we will win i feel.....

2-1 Gabby and Holman

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