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Next Gen Series 2012/2013


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My lad and I enjoyed the game sat in the North Stand. The atmosphere was helped by a coach load of Olympiakos fans who sung for the whole 90! I was concerned our superiority would be punished when we failed to put away a number of chances in the second half and only a stoppage time goal line clearance prevented extra time. A deserved win. Well done lads!

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Tremendous stuff from the kids again!! Our academy continues to be a real source of pride at a time when the supporting the first team is pretty draining. 


Anyone know who the other sides in the last 4 are?


Chelsea, Sporting, Villa and ???

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Good game. Olympiakos fans were excellent, was so impressed considering it was just a youth game. Great to see so much passion for a team at all levels.


Thought first half we were very controlled but lost our way in the second half, their first substitute seemed to settle things down and dominate the midfield. As the game progressed I thought Grealish really came into the game and was so impressive, all our good play came through him. The kid has such talent but he doesn't abuse it which I think is a good thing, he plays it simple and chooses the right moments to work his magic. I think at times he disappeared a little but reading on twitter he was struggling to be fit for the game, so probably couldn't come into the game as much as he'd have liked. It is certainly evident he is better than any of the other players on the pitch in terms of ability and I enjoyed watching him for the first time in the flesh after hearing so many good things about him.


My man of the match was the centre back Donacien though. There was one moment where he lost concentration and nearly gave away a penalty, but was otherwise strong and assured and provided excellent cover with his pace. He also brought the ball out very well from defence, which he should have done more as the centre backs tended to hoof it forward a little too much.


Thought Carruthers was very hit and miss, had some very promising bursts but gave the ball away in dangerous areas a couple of times, and some of his passing was very Bannan esque when it probably wasn't required.


No-one else really stood out though, although the keeper did make a few good saves and claims.

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I think that pretty much sums it up villaalex. Thought Carruthers was very good first half but poor in the second. 


As good as they are at this level, the only players I can imagine making it at Premier League or Championship level are Carruthers and Grealish, the rest just don't have enough about them to convince me they'll go on to anything else. 

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Got to say credit to the fans, Such an atmosphere. It really was unbelievable for an u19 game. Completely agree with the Janoi Donacien bit though.


He has never shined so much being next to another good defensive partner in Derrick Williams but he really was fantastic today.

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A great result - have to say it is always really enjoyable watching our young lads play.


In terms of who can make it - this is my take at the moment.


Jack Grealish - has a chance, it will be interesting to see whether he is able to make up for his lack of physicality (strength and speed) through game intelligence and ability. David Silva for instance is very weak and not particularly quick but it doesn't matter because he is so good in other areas. Jack really needs to be looking at players like that as an example to him. He doesn't need to be quick at running if he is half a yard ahead mentally.


Carruthers - I think he actually has the biggest chance - although he made a load of errors yesterday for me he has the best all round game and a number of attributes which could have an impact at a top level. Like the fact he is not afraid to get stuck in as well as take players on. I like seeing him in CM rather than further advanced were he played a lot last year. Could be an exciting player but a long way for him to go with regard to cutting out errors and being precise enough with his passing to cut it in PL.


Burke - Has definitely got ability and I think there is an outside chance he could make it - very much open at what level though.


Donacien - Really outstanding last night and by far the best game I have seen from him. Looked very quick in deed which is a great trait to have. Be interesting to see how he develops from here.

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Semi finals have been announced.


Date: 29th March

Venue: Stadio G. Sinigaglia, Como, Italy.


Semi 1 - Chelsea vs winner of Arsenal/CSKA Moscow - 15.00 CET


Semi 2 - Aston Villa vs Sporting Clube de Portugal - broadcast LIVE on Eurosport at 20.00 CET


This will be the third time we will have played against Sporting Lisbon in this tournament. 

We played them in the first game at home and lost 1-3, but then played them away and thumped them 1-5.


Both semi-final ties will be played over one leg with extra-time and penalties played on the night should the scores be level after 90 minutes.

The third place play off will take place at 13.00 CET on Sunday 31st March, with the NextGen final the following day.



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