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Next Gen Series 2012/2013


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Do you know what it's more fun supporting the kids at Villa than the 1st team. At least they win some games & give you a lift now and then with an exceptional performance here & there. They do a lot of good for the name of Aston Villa FC... Unlike the 1st team!


So i think i am transferring to becoming a Villa Youth supporter from now on... Much more fun!


"Villa Youth, Villa Youth"........................................... Oh ... Hang on :s

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Anyone know if we have still got a place next yr? Or is now based on performance in new youth leagu? (which I believe we only got into second group and didn't qualify into elite)

I had the impression team we're invited to come more than a qualification process, but that might change with the growth of the competition.

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Anyone know how the next round works for this? Hope it's at home.

As far as I can tell, the eight winners from this round go into a completely random draw to decide both opponent and venue for the quarter-finals, so whether we are home or away will be luck of the draw. The four winners go through by draw to the semis which last season were on neutral grounds, as was the final (Leyton Orient's ground). The draw for the quarter finals is taking place live on Twitter at 10 am tomorrow. 






Will also be on the OS and on here I guess quite soon after. 

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Looking good for the future, just hope these lot are better than Bannan, Albrighton..

Doubt it, that was the best youth we've ever had imo

Just watched the highlights and we seemed to play some nice stuff. Hope we get some sort of home tie either at Villa Park or a local ground so i can go and watch.

Link for the highlights?

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