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Ratings and reactions: Villa 2-0 Swansea


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Lichaj
    • Lowton
    • Ireland
    • El Ahmadi
    • Bannan
    • Bent
    • Holman
    • Weimann
    • Westwood (for Ireland 70)
    • Benteke (for Weimann 70)
    • N'Zogbia (for Holman 78)

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What makes me more confident about this Villa side and this performance not being a one off is we did this against Newcastle, had Ben Arfa not had that moment of magic this would be our second win of the season, instead it's our first but the performance in both games was the same, we bossed both games and that is what excites me the most.

I also think we bossed most of the game against West Ham and were very unlucky to come away with nothing.

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It took only two games to Paul Lambert to transform the team and show his fine football, a football played as it has to be played, avoiding long balls, starting to build from the back, with brave, pace and technique.

And with a bunch of promising, committed and not overpaid youngsters.

No doubt that we have signed the best British manager, the possible heir of Ferguson.

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Holman's workrate was amazing.

I was up and down from my seat the whole game (for good reasons) I think 2-0 was abit generous as it could've been 4-5. First time in a long time that we have had over 10 shots on target.

Was an absolute pleasure to watch. Alot different from last season and i can finally see where we are heading.

Holman MOTM for sure. He was all over the place, defending, attacking and chasing lost causes. Forced alot of mistakes from the Swansea defenders/midfielders by just closing them down and most of the time they put the ball out for a throw in.

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Attacking football.

Attacking while winning with 10 minutes to go.

Shutting down Swansea's playmakers.

Movement, work-rate and 100% effort.

Guzan looking as solid as a rock.

Benteke looking fantastic.


Sums it up nicely for me. After the game against Newcastle I had a faint hope we could keep up that kinda pressure, tempo and spirit going forward. And today it was even better.. So great to see a confident and enthusiastic Villa-team again. Much credit to PL and the players for turning it around. My only worry was we didn't get the 2nd goal sooner, but Benteke looked like a dangerous striker when he came on and I think he has a lot of goals in him.

Vlaar, Clarck Guzan, Ahmedhi... Legends in the making! Holman is impressing me with his effort. Bent is showing positive signs, getting more involved. He just need that one goal to get started. Bannan, Lowton, Weimann, Lichaj showing lots of potential. Thought Bannan looked very good today. All good stuff.

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Excellent performance, sun, atmosphere and winning; what's not to like?

Guzan - 8 - An absolutely fantastic save in the first half and a really good solid performance throughout. He's staying in the team.

Lowton - 8 - Bang. Great goal and another solid performance. He looks a good un.

Clark - 7 - Needs to wise up a bit on those rash challenges and keep out of the book, but he looked solid enough.

Vlaar - 8 - Big. Big fella, big heart, brave - it was an excellent performance today and if he keeps this up, he can join a long and famous list of CB's we have loved. Oo ah indeed.

Lichaj - 7 - Did nothing wrong, and sometimes for a defender that's more than enough.

Ireland and Bannan - 7 - Both ticked along very nicely, moved the ball about and helped us tick - they're quite similar in some ways, but oddly enough they seem to be at their best when they're together.

El Ahmadi - 7 - Not quite up to the promise he's shown so far, but he had another good game and he fits right in.

Holman - 8 - Probably the least talented on the ball of our midfield quartet - you can overcome that though if you're the Tazmanian devil. Took the lead whenever they had the ball. This bloke works so hard it's difficult to believe he's Australian.

Weimann - 7 - Busy and sharp, be nice to see him score again, but he works defenders and he's always available for the ball.

Bent - 5 - Very often our moves broke down on him and I think he was lucky to stay on for ninety. We play with hustle and with quickness of mind and quickness of feet; Bent's a classy finisher, but I'm not sure he currently merits a starting place.


Westwood - ? - Unfortunately for him, the other sub kinda took the eye and I'm afraid I don't remember much of him. Sorry.

Benteke - 8 - Bustling, big and a real presence. He's got an excellent touch too and he seems to hold on to the ball very well. Missed a sitter and scored on his debut - a fine twenty minute introduction, can we see more please?

Nzogbia - 7 - Seemed to enjoy himself and seems to like the idea of aiming balls at Benteke. That might work you know.

The ref, Lee Mason was shoddy and more than a little unpredictable in his card distribution, can we see him less please?

And finally, a word for Nathan Dyer who capped his ninety minutes of niggling and moaning with an absolutely shameful dive in our box; that word is prick.

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Best home performance in well over a year.

Vlaar could be the best centre back we've had since Paul McGrath, solid as a rock at the back and better going forward then Martin Laursen.

Love Holman's work rate, Benteke looks strong as an ox and like the type of centre forward we've needed but haven't had for years. Slightly unimpressed with Ireland today, his passing seemed quite off and then his tackling to try and win it back is like Paul Scholes'.

Overall, very positive moving forward.

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i was very impressed with Bannan today. he seems to be gaining confidence at being allowed to play his own game.

I've posted elsewhere that if he made that performance for Liverpool or Utd, he'd be hailed as a world beater!

This. If you didn't notice bannan watch the match again, but look especially at his positioning off the ball when swansea possessed and movement off the ball when we possessed. Really Brilliant match for wee barry

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Greetings from Taormina, Sicily, where it is pouring with rain! Great to see today's result and by all accounts it was a good performance. Great to see the new boys getting on the score sheet and Lambert shaping the way we play. My evening is only dampened a bit by the way Warwickshire failed to win onthe last ball of the CB40.

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Slightly unimpressed with Ireland today, his passing seemed quite off and then his tackling to try and win it back is like Paul Scholes'.

Overall, very positive moving forward.

Ireland I found puzzling today. He always seems to be playing within himself (which is meant to be the sign of a good player) he kept us ticking over today, in much the same way El Ahmadi did.

Only problem is, we all want / expect more from Ireland. Probably down to his high wages. If he was only on 20K a week or if he'd come through the ranks we'd be happy with his performance today.

(I can't believe i said "ONLY 20K a week!!!!...)

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Robbie Savage, BBC Radio 5 live

"Aston Villa have had a good win today, but they haven't beaten an Arsenal, a Manchester United or a Chelsea. I'm still not convinced, though I like Paul Lambert as a manager. I tipped them to go down and I stick by that, because of the players that they've got."

**** off, Savage. You utter prick.

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