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Ratings and reactions: Newcastle 1-1 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Lichaj
    • Lowton
    • Ireland
    • El Ahmadi
    • Bannan
    • Bent
    • Holman
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor (for Weimann 63)
    • N'Zogbia (for El Ahmadi 72)

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I thought we deserved to win, we were really, really good. Guzan looked like he thought "here's my chance, I've got to take it" and take it he did, he didn't put a foot wrong. And isn't it nice to not sit back when we go 1-0 and make attacking substitutions?! A lot of positives can be taken from today and it's a shame we have to wait a fortnight before our next game.

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I only saw second half but the draw seemed pretty fair. We looked handy going forward without a cutting edge at the end of the pitch. Both teams could have won it.

Gabby looked very good when he came on. Ireland had some nice touches but should have done better when he was teed up.

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So pleasing to watch us play 'football' and not 'hoofball' with a team, that on paper, was far less experienced than the one which the ginger one had at his disposal. It just goes to show what can be achieved if you have a creative and positive mentality instead of a negative and boring one.

With Bentake, Bowery, Bennett and Westwood still to be introduced it could be a positive time ahead.

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So pleasing to watch us play 'football' and not 'hoofball' with a team, that on paper, was far less experienced than the one which the ginger one had at his disposal. It just goes to show what can be achieved if you have a creative and positive mentality instead of a negative and boring one.



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I didnt think bent was poor a lot of work and won most of aerial balls.

yeah it makes a huge difference when he has someone else around him that he can actually flick the ball on to, dont see why so many fans criticise his lack of aerial ability when we were playing hoofball with him being the only player in that half of the pitch

just needed a little bit of composure in front of goal, weiman was the same, both players took great touches in the box, cut inside and hit a daisy cutter straight at krul

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Awesome butt-cheek tense game! Very delighted! Can't decide on MOTM for me it was Lowton, Vlaar, Ireland, KEA or the Bradster. So I choose Lowton. The kid solidifies more after each game.

Still buzzing and with international games incoming Villa will gel more including the new signings. We'll crush Swansea!

Underwhelmed by Bent a bit.

Wanted to have Bagarimana at Villa before Toon picked him up. Nifty player.

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I thought whole team played very well but I especially noticed KEA, Ireland and Holman. KEA and Ireland for obvious reason but Holman ran his socks off, he just needs to get more composure and steadyness with his passes and final ball which I think he'll learn in couple of games.

Gabby looked very lively, much more lively than I expected...even N'Zog seemed to got injection of work ethic but still long way to go for him.

Can't wait to hear what MOTD pillocks will say :D

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I am in the middle on Bent. I thought he worked very hard and did very well in the air, but he needed to put away one of his four chances, and he had to hit that ball from Holman?(think it was him) towards the end of the match first time.

I think his confidence will grow as the team grows.

What I was thinking about the entire game was how much better Bentake would be in the role Bent was playing and how much better Bent could be in Weimann's role. Getting excited.

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I only saw the 2nd half, but what I saw was very encouraging on the whole. The first 15 minutes of the 2nd half we looked a totally different side...swarming them every time they had the ball, getting the ball back, making precision passes, but just lacking that end product, perfectly illustrated by Ireland's pathetic miss at a wide open goal. We laid back a bit, and they took advantage...Holman gave Ben Arfa too much room there...

But I think Holman is a good player to have in the team, he never stops running and is a total nuisance. I bet he ends up scoring a few too.

Looks like Guzan has won the job...

I don't expect to see much more of Barry Bannan, TBH...not good enough for what Lambert wants to do...

I said a draw would be a terrific result, and it is.

Could be a turning point we all look back to.


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Bonus point for me this, would have been typical Villa to lose it at the end there, instead we actually could have won it with good chances for Weimann, Ireland and Bent (who should have hit it first time).

Delighted by the attitude shown and the hard work put down.

Holman obviously knows he should have done better, it's one of those moments where you're tired (and he had every right to be after putting in all that hard work) losing concentration for a bit and hoping nothing will come of it, unfortunately for him Ben Arfa hit a wonderstrike.

Can't fault Lichaj either being on the opposite side, but looking forward to seeing Bennett there who I think will be good for us.

All in all very happy with all our players today, but have to give the MOTM award to Guzan, excellent performance and our new number 1.

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Guzan - 8 - MOTM. Not great distribution, otherwise flawless.

Lowton - 7 - Not much of a crosser, but very solid in possession. I like him a lot.

Clark - 7 - An extra point for the goal.

Vlaar - 7 - Didn't offer much in attack today, but very good in defence.

Lichaj - 6 - Not his best game, but I like him. FB spots look well covered between him, Lowton and (surely) Bennett.

Bannan - 6 - An extra point for the assist. Still gives the ball away far too much.

El Ahmadi - 7 - Didn't really notice him in midfield tbh, but that can be a good thing.

Holman - 6 - Minus a point for their goal. Overall his strengths outweigh his weaknesses for me.

Ireland - 6 - Why can't he score goals any more? Obviously a talented player though, and makes some great passes.

Weimann - 6 - Worked hard enough, but he's there to score goals

Bent - 6 - See Weimann.

Gabby - 7 - Did everything well after coming on. Nice to have him back, but not sure I'd start him.

Zog - 6 - Some great runs. As usual every one of them resulted in loss of possession.

This was a huge game for us after losing the first two. Fantastic to see that we CAN create chances after all. Also fantastic how good Lambert's signings have been so far. Can't wait to see what Benteke, Westwood and Bennett can add to the side.

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  • Moderator

Very encouraging performance. The first 20 minutes saw us give the ball away needlessly a lot of times, then it just seemed to click when we realised that Newcastle were not really threatening us and we started to create the better chances. We coped with pressure well at the back. I wasn't even remotely nervous in the last 15 mins, I couldn't see them scoring again and lets be honest their goal was a wonder goal. It wouldn't have mattered if Bent and Ireland had done better with some gilt edged chances but hopefully that will come with a bit more confidence. Lots of positives from the game and very few negatives.

Player Ratings

Guzan - 7.5 - no hope with the goal and very little else to criticise, commanded his box well

Vlaar - 8 - MOTM for me, made a couple of minor errors but his ball control, awareness and positioning were superb.

Clarke 7 - Nervy start but the goal really settled him, hope it'll keep some of his critics quiet for a while.

Lowton - 7.5 - I think we may have signed a gem here

Lichaj - 6.5 - showed some naivety but gave his all, he's still improving

Ireland - 7 - generally linked up well but should have at least challenged the keeper with his chance

El Ahmadi - 7.5 - he kept that midfield ticking over nicely until his unfortunate injury, hope he's fit for the next game

Bannan - 6.5 - guilty of giving the ball away a lot but also provided a great cross for the goal

Holman - 6 - very industrious off the ball, never gave up but probably the least effective player in midfield on the ball

Weimann - 6 - thought he was better than Bent in first half but drifted out of the game in the second

Bent - 6.5 - definitely a bigger contribution to the game than normal but his two great chances were squandered and that after all is what he gets paid for but all round performance was encouraging and it was great to see him more involved

Gabby - 6.5 - did nothing wrong in his time on the pitch, held the ball up superbly and had one great run which should have seen a better end product

N'Zogbia - unfair to rate him for his time on the pitch, his first few minutes were encouraging then he reverted to headless chicken mode

Also it was very encouraging to see the changes PL made, Given plays badly in last game so was dropped, Guzan play well in midweek so keeps his place, that sent out a huge message imo. Lamberts tactics were right, my only criticism, I wouldn't have brought N'Zogbia on.

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