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Not feeling confident about this game what so ever,tho i will try and jump on the optimism wagon and hope we get a draw

Stephen Ireland been going on about he wants a new contract,he needs to do what he did in the cup the other night again today and more often,too hit and miss,we are pretty much relying on him to feed DB so it be nice to see him go on a run now of producing because we are going to need " what he is able to do " today

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I think we'll lose. Newcastle are a really strong side and have had an unchanged team for months where as ours is still in flux.

Like others have mentioned, I'd just like to see a solid performance with more attacking intent in the final third. If we came out of this with a clean sheet it would be a great achievement.

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i fear we will get a drubbing...they have great attacking options and our back four are still learning to play together...

if we do lose i just hope there is enough positive football to cling on to...

things i would like to see today:

1. Delph recalled - him and KEA looked decent together at West Ham

2. Our fullbacks get forward! Having zero width is killing us coz we havent got the skill to go through the middle

3. A performance from "our messi" Stephen Ireland. No tappy bollox, support Bent and have some **** shots!

4. No Bannan or Herd in the starting line up

5. N zogbia hugging the touch line and recieving the ball in space, not when there are four players around him!

6. Solid performance from Given

Change the last four letters of that post to "uzan" and we're in total agreement.

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Difficult to predict our line up.

I'd go:




---------El Ahmadi----Ireland----Bannan-----------


Left back is hard to call, as is the goalkeeping, Lambert seems to like Herd, I'm guessing that Clark and N'Zogbia will both want to be involved and I'm not sure how ready (or available) the new boys are.

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