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2004... Good year/bad year


2004... Good or bad?  

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  1. 1. 2004... Good or bad?

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The comedy thread got me thinking about how 2004 was generally, so...

Was 2004 a good year for you?

Obviously every year has its ups and downs, but 2004 was certainly an eventful and productive year for me, and I'd put it very much in the "good year" category, one of my best to date I reckon

From a personal point of view:

Started off not great with one hell of a lot of cleaning up from a very messy new years party

Started to come along quite nicely with Villa's improving form

Turned 18 in February, spent my birthday in the pub (all day) and then had one hell of a joint party a couple of days later joint with my cousin who's 4 days younger than me, one of the best nights of the year I reckon

Villa obviously continued to provide excitement building up hopes of champions league football

I passed my driving test (and haven't crashed yet either)

Took a bit of a downer when my hockey team finished 3rd in the league, the top 2 go up, absolute scandal that was, can't be bothered to explain the details but "we was robbed"

Took a bit of a downer when Villa missed out on europe so narrowly but it was still fantastic to do so well having started the season so badly

Did my A levels, didn't get as worked up about them as most people (parents and teachers) would have liked, but still came out with 2 As and a C, and got into my first choice uni (Leeds), can't complain at that really

Spent an absolutely fantastic week in the Lake District with some mates and my old school helping out on a D of E expedition, some things that happened really can't be repeated on here but alcohol was a major factor (as always), long road trips are always good and we just had a great week annoying the locals (not intentionally), going to the beach, playing football, drinking the local cider and just generally having a laugh

A couple of weeks after that I went to Malaga for 8 days with 2 good mates of mine, free accomodation so lots of spare money for booze (recurring theme anyone?), had a great week even if i did get mugged, met Led Zepplin while in a drunken haze

Spent 28 days seeing my mate every day over the summer (including those 2 weeks), somehow we managed to not get too pissed off with each other in that time, we even went a week without spending money, just playing pool and doing very little generally

Took kind of a turn for the worse when most of my mates went off to uni, there was the end of the drinking most nights of the week either at the local or up town, lost a stone in those few months though so shows how unhealthily I was living before

Then I thought having spent so much over the summer and as I was going away in January I really need to earn some money, night shift at asda it was, very tiring, very depressing really, but it had to be done and is almost over now

Took another upturn when I started "seeing" a lot of a very lovely young lady, but a huge downer that we both know that as of January we can't see each other for 8 months, which is absolutely gutting

Kind of got boring towards the end of the year with only spending time with her and my best mate coming back from uni most weekends keeping me sane (along with still having the band and hockey)

Hockey team is thrashing everyone this season, going to win the league by a mile, nice one

Band is going well, recorded a good demo (click here for 2 of those songs) this year and played some very good gigs, had a great year with them

Obviously ups as villa started well, bit of a down losing the derby game and a bit of a downturn in form

Not a bad christmas either, very hungover christmas morning which wasn't good but the rest was good

From a more general point of view:

TV: Comedy was obviously a huge plus point, all discussed on another thread, absolutely superb, say no more

Great sporting moments on TV as well.... I actually got interested in women's tennis, 1) because it was nice to see someone playing so bloody well at such a young age and just playing great tennis 2) well.... i'm sure Rob can elaborate on what I mean :lol:

And not forgetting the Olympics, I really enjoy the olympics, the whole thing, I'd never watch badminton at any other time! But Kelly Holmes winning the 2nd race had me jumping out of my seat, and the 4 x 100 was just breathtaking, absolutely superb, great stuff

Euro 2004... We could and perhaps should have won this, choose your scapegoat as is customary, Urs Meir is no doubt top, Beckham up there as well, Vass completely unfairly up there, I blame Sven, when you go 1-0 up and everyone just goes "oh shit" because you know that you're going to sit back the whole game is so annoying, but there were some great times watching that, loving the france game until the final minute, portugal was good for a while, it's nice to watch football with your mates and actually all be supporting the same side for a change

Reality TV was shit, all of it, I usually like BB, but hated it

Radio: Kerrang started up in brum, which isn't bad sometimes, makes a nice change

Sara Cox disappeared off Radio 1, even better!

Current affairs (i wanted a better heading than that): George W was re-elected... hmmm, Madrid train bombings.... hmmm, annoying toffs complained about banning fox hunting... hmmm, our parliament wasted loads of time discussing it... hmmm, Fathers For Justice put in a few appearances, not too bad, plenty of other boring rubbish, they don't really report good news, either that or there isn't any, currently dominated by the massive earthquake in the Pacific, that sort of thing certainly doesn't come around very often, shocking

So there you have it, my review of 2004, no doubt I missed out something really important, but I can't think what, no doubt I will later

Obviously 2005 could be even better what with moving to New Zealand, but 2004 was amazing, and I really did love it, so it was definitely "Good year" for me, roll on 2005!

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Guest RantinRob

he's on about Maria Sharapova, droooool :-)

Good post Paddy

I'd go for "average " year overall - personally it was a VERY good year

Footie wise it was same old same old, we won **** all and Ellis is still alive

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I forgot one section I meant to put in.... it was a particularly bad year for "celebrities" passing away, there were obviously many more than this, and arguably some bigger names, but these were the 3 that got me (in order)

1. John Peel - Absolute legend

2. Marco Pantani - Yes he was a drugs cheat but he was a hero of mine, still can't believe the pirate has gone, haven't watched cycling since he gave up

3: Brian Clough - The best manager ever? Well he said he wasn't but he was "in the top 1", whether he was the best ever is debatable but there's no doubt he was one of the best

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Not too bad considering I turned 40 in July. Good things included 2 weekends away with the other half , 2 weeks in Ibiza , my dad recovering from a stroke, getting me parrot to shout shit on the city and up the villa. bad things - death and destruction on a big scale & Elies OBE still not pushing up daisies.

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Good year I'd go for. First full year playing in a band and doing local gigs. The music scene was actually alive back then, people would just go to gigs to support the bands and have a good night out, whereas now it's all about hanging out on the street and trying to buy alcohol underage.

But speaking of alcohol, I celebrated my 18th that December. Only planned a quite one, in terms of people, but pretty heavy drinking. Me and my best mate were pissed by 11:30, missed two trains to Birmingham (and each time missed it we returned to the pub for drinks). Managed to get to Brum for an afternoon gig, and I managed to catch the headlining act which was all I was bothered about. Kept drinking too. Train back home for the evening crawl. I only invited about 4 people, but my one friend wanted it to be bigger, so tried to get loads of our friends out on a Sunday night. Suffice to say, he got about three more people. So to compensate he got more drunk than anyone to entertain us (the night ended with him diving across my Dad's bonnet, getting stoned with a South African tramp and passing out for half an hour on his walk home). But we just spent most of the evening in an Austrian bar, drinking litre tankards of Austrian beer. Very drunk but awesome night.

That pretty much sums up 2004 for me.

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